The internet and smartphones have had a major impact on many industries, including shopping, banking, and, of course, gambling. Smartphone gambling was introduced quite recently, but it saw a rapid increase of 75% in 2012, and almost doubling in 2014 alone.

This massive explosion in popularity continues even today, with millions of dollars being deposited in mobile casino accounts and hundreds of thousands of new mobile accounts being created every month. Android and iOS apps are available for almost all online casinos, with also providing detailed guides on how to install them.

The reason why smartphone gambling skyrocketed is most likely due to the popularity of social gaming.

Online gambling is fun and interactive, and the users can test a wide range of free casino games in their respective app stores before settling on one particular game they like.

Redefining the Online Gambling Experience

The online gambling industry has been changed by smartphone use at a faster rate than expected by gaming providers. This has created a need to develop a software which is compatible with the mobile format and works seamlessly for all players. The constant development and upgrade of mobile apps is able to keep a growing flow of users interested and engaged in casino gambling.

Online casinos must allocate their efforts to creating mobile smartphone apps for their platform, as they are an important channel through which they can reach new customers and thrive in the online gambling industry.

Gamble Anywhere You Want

Most users nowadays prefer using their smartphones instead of their desktop PC or laptop to access the internet. Back in 2015, Google reported that mobile device usage surpassed desktop for the first time in history – and it is understandable why. Mobile devices are quick and convenient to use, whether you want to play, stream, take pictures, post, or gamble.

Active gamblers are the main user base as they’re ditching their desktops to play on mobile devices, and this migration has a great impact on the online gambling industry.

Smartphones allow users to play their favorite casino games no matter where they are, be it in the comfort of their own home, in the bus, or while on break from work.

Better Gaming Experience

The afflux of mobile users will keep on pushing gaming providers to hire better talent to come up with new, engaging, high-quality casino games in terms of design and gaming experience.

To launch gambling games that will stand out in the online industry, many operators are seeking for talented developers that have been involved in developing PC games.

Rewards and Bonuses for Mobile Players

While mobile gambling apps allow casinos to get to new customers more easily, they also have to put in more effort to attract their attention.

To stand out from the ever-growing competition, casino operators are offering various tempting signup bonuses and rewards.

Gambling Continues to Adjust to Smartphone Technology

The online gambling industry continues to adapt to smartphone technology, with gaming providers investing continuously in the improvement of their apps’ gaming experience, design and bonuses.