Earlier this month, some of the developers of the popular Homeworld series announced that they were working on a new game, titled Hardware. At the moment details are quite scarce, although it has been announced that the game will be a F2P RTS. When the game was announced, the developers also opened up a sign up for a closed beta.

The team has now released a pricing plan that will allow impatient fans to guarantee themselves a place in Hardware’s beta. A steep payment of $99 gets a user access to a “First Wave VIP Package.” The foremost feature of this pack is guaranteed beta access, but the purchase also nets fans access to concept art and music tracks from Hardware. In addition, owners of the VIP pack will be able to post on a feedback forum and speak with the developers via a web chat.

The pre-purchase package will also give players access to a Prospector’s Guide, containing a range of information about the game, some of which is detailed in the announcement trailer:

The Prospector’s Guide seems to function as both a beginner’s walkthrough crossed with a game strategy guide, giving tips on starting out in Hardware and formulating battle tactics as well as containing the map locations of important shipwrecks.

Fans who just want to access the Guide can purchase it for $49, although this pack does not include guaranteed access to the beta.

If you’re interested in buying your way into the beta or just want to sign up, check out Hardware’s official site.