Now that the Duck Pond feature is live for some time in FarmVille, it’s time to let the ducks have some fun there and start breeding new ducks in Zynga’s game. In this article I will share with you all the details that you need to know in order to get ducklings in FarmVille – the guide is below!

Ducklings may be “born” while you collect the daily bonus from the Duck Pond: you have a chance of getting a Yellow or Brown Duckling depending on what kind of ducks are in your Duck Pond, and the color also determines what kind of ducks can be bred from it. If you just use previous ducks, like the Ugly Duckling or White Swan, you’ll almost always get a Yellow Duckling. If you use a mix of duck types, you may get a Brown Duckling.

After finding the duckling in FarmVille, you will have to actually place it on your farm in order to start the breeding process (but if you place it directly in the pond, the breeding process will be put on hold). Once you place the Duckling anywhere on your farm, a new window will appear:

You can see a line of seven Ducks here: the rarity of the Ducks increases as you go from left to right. However, the time you have to breed that kind of duck decreases while the number of friends you need to breed that duck increases (as you go from left to right). Over time you lose the ability to breed certain ducks for that particular Duckling. Here is the chart and I will explain in more detail below:

Let’s say that you have a yellow duckling and you want to breed it into a Cayuga Duck. You will have just two days to get the help of 6 friends in order for it to successfully become a Cayuga Duck.

But if you only manage to get the help of five neighbors, you can breed from the Yellow Duckling at most the Goldeneye Duck for the next 72 hours. However, if you somehow miss to breed the duck in that time perios, you’ll only be able to breed the Red Billed Duck. A day later, you won’t be able to breed it, and so on.

You can get help from your neighbors by just clicking on the “Ask For Help” button and choosing which neighbors you want to ask. To grow the Duck, just find the one you want and click on “Choose” beneath its picture. You’ll get the new duck in your Gift Box.

Sounds complex and I’m glad it is this way, because FarmVille was certainly in the need of something like this!