A new way of breeding animals has been released in FarmVille today, the FarmVille Zoo. This is just the third in a series of six new upcoming animal-breeding buildings, so there’s more to come. But until then, we should find out everything about the Zoo in FarmVille in this guide.

First of all, just like it happens with all the animal breeding buildings in FarmVille, you will have to complete the Zoo in the game and it requires the following building materials:

– 10x Wrench
– 10x Shrub
– 10x Pipe

The bad thing is that each Zoo only hosts 20 animals in FarmVille, but the good news is that you can have multiple Zoos (that you have to build, though). Mystery Babies can be bread when you collect daily from the Zoo and you don’t need to have two of the same animal type in order to have a chance to breed that type of mystery baby.

Here is a list of animals that can be held inside the Zoo in FarmVille: Elephants, Grizzlies, Giraffes, Peacocks, Flamingos, Jaguars, Kangaroos, Lions, Penguins, Tigers, Foxes, Zebras, Bears, Wolves, and Coyotes.

We all know that it’s something that we have to build, so start doing it!