The nice folks over at Minecraft Mod Central have decided to share with us ten of the best Minecraft Mods that were released last month. So if you’re a fan of Minecraft and you like to stay updated to all the mods released, while also making sure that you play just the best mods out there, make sure to check out this list of best Minecraft mods and… enjoy!

  1. Tornado Mod – Adds devastating tornadoes to your minecraft world
  2. Total RPG Craft – Transform minecraft into a role playing game
  3. Tropicraft – A tropical getaway for your buddy Steve
  4. Vilecraft – Tame and upgrade your own monster army
  5. Call of Duty Throwing Knives – Name says it all
  6. Stuffed Animals – Craftable stuffed animals to keep you company
  7. Mo’ Zombies – Yeh it adds more zombies
  8. Fisherman Mod – Expand your fishing possibilities
  9. Fire Extinguisher – Never fear fire again with this working fire extinguisher
  10. Liquid tanks – Tanks to hold your lava, water and even milk

Let us know which of these cool mods is your favorite in Minecraft!