Cafe World has finally received its St. Patrick’s Day update, consisting in a new catering order: the Feed the Irish Feast and, just as I’ve told you in the title, we have all the details about it below so start reading if you want to finish it as fast as possible!

Here are the requirements for completing the Feed the Irish Feast catering order in Cafe World:

– Serve Irish Stew 200 times
– Serve Corned Beef and Cabbage 55 times
– Serve mince Tartlets 55 times
– Serve Rice Pudding 30 times
– Collect 12 Irish Wind Spinner

As you can see, it’s far from being one of the easiest catering orders in the game and you will definitely need the help of your friends – 18 allowed – to finish it in time for the three star rating (you have 3 days to do it) and if you manage to, you will receive as a reward 12 Catering Points, 3,200 Cafe Points, 75,000 cafe coins and the St. Patty’s Day Cooler.

What do you think about this new catering order? Too difficult or not?

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