One of the highly anticipated games of the year, Dragon Age 2 has been released but unfortunately for some gamers, the overall experience is ruined by annoying crashes and freezes of the game: either when trying to install the game, crashes after saving the game or random crashes and freezes that occur every now and then. In this article, I will try to share with you some tips and tricks on what to do in order to hopefully fix the Dragon Age 2 Crashes and Freezes. Don’t forget to post any problems you might have so that maybe somebody will help you.

The first problem (and the easiest to fix) is related to dragon age 2 crash on loading screen, giving the following error message: “The application will not run on a Windows guest account or an account with insufficient privileges”. The only thing you should do is to enable administrative privileges in Windows. Alternately, some forum users have reported that changing the base name of the install folder of the game did the trick (however, have in mind that any shortcuts will no longer work!)

How to fix random Dragon Age 2 Crashes and Freezes?

1. If you’re using the Steam version of the game, check the game’s integrity (the integrity of the DA2 cache)
2. Try switching down from the DirectX 10 or 11 versions to DX9.
3. Make sure you have closed all the unnecessary background applications and internet browsers, including any antivirus you might have installed.

How to fix Dragon Age 2 Crashes after saving or loading?

1. Make sure you have the patch 1.01 installed (you can find it here)
2. Disable the AutoSave feature (go to XXX:\Documents and Settings\XXX\ My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\Settings and edit value in DragonAge.ini from AutoSave=1 to AutoSave=0)
3. Try starting the game from the install folder (find the Dragonage2.exe file) and not from the launcher. You will be asked to log in and activate again and hopefully will do the trick for you!

I do hope that this extensive list of Dragon Age 2 crash and freeze fixes will help you solve your problem with the game. Good luck and let us know what solution worked for you!