I am sure that you have a lot of questions about the FarmVille English Countryside and fortunately Zynga has the answers: they have posted over at the official FarmVille blog an extensive list of FarmVille Q&A about the English Countryside in the game, giving us hot details about the expansion. So read on to have your questions answered!

Will our neighbors be able to visit our English Countryside farms? Will they be able to “help” on my farm?

All your neighbors will be able to visit you in the English Countryside to see your new English Farm, and we think you’ll be eager to show it off. They will also be able to help you by fertilizing your English crops, tending your chicken coop full of English chickens, and so on.

We’ve tried hard to make farming in England feel new and exciting, while preserving the gameplay our players love, and making it super-easy to get started and build your farm up right away. We hope it will seem fresh and fun, but also familiar and comfortable.

Why do we need so many boards, bricks, and nails? I’m running out of room in my gift box.

You’ll need boards, bricks, and nails to build things in the English Countryside, just as you do at home, but if you’re running out of room in your gift box you probably have enough!

Will there be new crops/animals/decorations that are only available on the English farm?

Lots! Almost everything on your new English farm will be something you’ve never seen before. Your second farm in the English Countryside will offer the chance to grow new crops like English Peas, King Edward Potatoes, Blue Bells, English Roses, and many others.

In fact, all the crops you can grow in the English Countryside are brand new.

New animals include the Shorthorn Cow, Shire Horse, and Dorking Chicken, but we think some of the most exciting new animals will be the sheep you can breed for yourself in your Sheep Pen.

There are some fantastic new decoration items, and many of the best ones can be earned as rewards for participating in the story to help the Duke’s village in the English Countryside. Of course there will be plenty of terrific things available in the marketplace too, but now players also have the option to earn some really impressive items through gameplay, without spending any Farm Cash or coins.

The amount of new content is truly amazing. We hope every player will find something to enjoy in the English Countryside.

Will it be linear and task driven (aka quests), or will it retain a lot of the free-form creativity that is found in FarmVille?

The English Countryside will offer the chance to participate in a storyline with the characters who live around your English Farm. You don’t have to participate in the story in order to work on, decorate, and expand your second farm. We hope that players will like these additions and will enjoy engaging with these new features and earning the rewards they offer.

We think the rewards for participating in the storyline will really knock your socks off. We’re giving away unique decoration items like the English Police Call Box, great new avatar clothing and costumes to let you dress up as a Dashing Aviator or English Lady, and of course some shiny new animals like the adorable English Rabbit.

Sheep breeding questions… Will the resulting lambs be able to grow up? If so, will they all be ewes or will some become rams?

You’ll be able to breed your own Rams and Ewes to create unique lambs with characteristics from both parents. You get to name each baby Lamb and have the choice to keep it or let a friend adopt it to raise on their own farm. When the lamb grows up, you can breed it as well, to create family trees and new combinations. Every baby lamb has a chance to be a Ram or a Ewe.

Baby Lambs will get their coloration from the Ewe, while the pattern will come from the Ram, but they won’t develop their full coloration or pattern until they grow up.

Will only specific sheep be able to be bred or can we use any? Will it be similar to the greenhouse in which only certain pairs can be bred together?

Any Ram may be bred with any Ewe, which is something we’re really excited about. If you have a sheep on your farm right now, then you’ll eventually be able to breed that sheep in the Sheep Pen. You won’t be able to take your current sheep to the English Countryside, but once you learn the ropes of breeding sheep on your new farm, you’ll have the chance to build a Sheep Pen at home. Think of the possibilities!

Will there be a lot of room [for sheep breeding], or will we be able to have multiple buildings?

The Sheep Pen will start with one “Breeding Suite” with the ability for players to expand it up to three. Once you select the Ram and Ewe to breed, that suite will be occupied for a day while the sheep “get acquainted”. You can speed the process along, and increase your chance of successfully producing a Lamb, by using Love Potions.

We think the expanded Sheep Pen will be big enough for most players’ needs, but like everything in FarmVille, we will pay attention to how you use it. If there’s a need for more space we’ll try to find a way to do that.

Will we have to purchase the English Countryside with Farm Cash or add new neighbors if we want to play?

No! You won’t have to add new neighbors in order to travel to the English Countryside. Everything you need to do can be accomplished with your existing friends and neighbors. It won’t cost you Farm Cash, either.

We want all of our players to try farming in the English Countryside, so we’re making it as easy and fun as possible to get there. The deed to your second farm might literally fall out of the sky and land on your farm!

Will this be energy-based like FrontierVille? Or will it be the same as FarmVille?

You won’t need energy or anything like it. We’re committed to keeping FarmVille’s gameplay just as our players have always enjoyed it. We want to add more ways to play and more things to do, without taking away anything you like about the game now. Farmers are some of the hardest-working people around, so they should never run short of energy!

Will the English Countryside be flat like FarmVille or will it have some rolling hills and streams or maybe even mountains?

Your farm in the English Countryside will be surrounded by gentle hills and green plains of grass. We’re looking forward to hearing how FarmVille players like the new look, and we’re eager to hear feedback about it while we’re thinking about how to bring this sort of thing back to your home farm.

Will we be getting new background music?

Yes! Farming in the English Countryside will be accompanied by all-new background music.

Thank you Zynga for the great answers!