A bunch of games that hope to be green-lit on Steam Greenlight, the recently introduced voting system for indie games, is now available and for as low as $5 you can get a ton of great games and some extra content, and also help the developers a little bit: the Green Light Bundle!

There are two pricing options for the Green Light Bundle: the first one is just $1 and gives you the following games: puzzler Pixel Blocked, Gozilla-inspired multiplayer game Omegalodon and block-matching game Starlaxis: Light Hunter.

If you pay $5 or more, a bunch of other great titles are added to the mix: Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, Perpetuum, Dawn of Fantasy, Oniken, General Conflict and Awesomenauts DLC.

Just have in mind that these games are not available on Steam (yet), and you will have to download them to your computer from the Green Light Bundle website (but the Awesomenauts DLC can be redeemed on Steam using a code they will give you).

So if you plan to try out some amazing indies, head over to the Green Light Bundle website and get your games now!