Games reduce stress and enhance people’s mood. People forget about their daily worries and relaxes their minds. It all depends upon the games complexity level on how much people involved in it. it sharpens their minds and enables them to think in a more efficient manner. It is said that failure is the key to success. Games provide them a chance to make trials, again and again, to reach on their final goal. In short, games are considered the best source of learning and managing things.

There are lots of such management games that help you to manage time. Some of them like Incredible Dracula and Argonauts Agency games are described here with their specifications.

Incredible Dracula – Chasing Love


Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love is one of the best time management games. This game is about vampires who are not well-known in our society, and they have a very bad reputation. For example, Dracula is considered as he wants to suck blood, but in actuality, he just wants to live like others. He wants love, shelter, and food. He does online profile dating with a princess who is not as pretty as look in pictures. When he saw her in real, He changed his thoughts, but Princess doesn’t. She is obsessed with Dracula against his wishes. In that case, he just does one thing that every undead man does, and he runs away from there.

He starts his journey across the richly drawn but emaciated fantasy world and tries to escape himself from the princess. He meets with such amazing people there and tries to help them best. Player’s job started here, and its task is to just guide the vampire with his minions to collect resources, restore villages and fight off a legion of enemies. Player has to utilize his resources very wisely to reach on the final destination. The tricky thing is a princess is never far behind!

There are several bonus points where a player gets a bonus and do his job quickly. For instance, he enters in a ringed area where the sun shines and magic shoes that help him to work faster. Dracula learns many things there like crafting new items.

Dracula Argonauts continue with several stages where the player has to play with mind and activeness. Different stages with different complexities are designed to enhance player interest and for the attraction of player stunning and amazing graphics has been used in it. Player’s get a charm to explore the fantasy land and dozens of challenging tasks to complete.


  • Count Dracula
  • Van Helsing
  • Mina Murray
  • Lucy Westenra


Following are the features that make it an incredible game.

  • Side-splitting storyline
  • Dozens of challenging levels
  • Visually stunning fantasy land
  • collector’s editions bonus features
  • you will learn-as-you-play tutorial

Game Levels

Incredible Dracula – chasing Love has 45 levels with different complexity levels and 15 bonus levels where Dracula get a bonus and works speedily. This masterpiece time management game will keep you playing it on and on.

Game System requirements

Operating System: Windows Vista/Windows XP/Window7/ Window8/Window10
CPU: 1.6GHz
RAM: 512 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 524 MB
Games App System Requirements

Browser: Intel Explorer 7 or later

Argonauts Agency – Golden Fleece


Argonauts Agency is the series of adventurous games to solve the case of missing Golden Fleece. This is among our best time management games. Head of the Argonauts Agency named as Jason was sitting in his office and see that a wild and harassed man enters his office through the front door. The man has entered his room so fiercely and suddenly that he never gets an idea of what he is trying to say. He said to him calm down and just take a long breath. He sat down and relaxed. After that, the stranger began to explain to him what has happened to him the previous night in his hall or mansion. By professional he was an ancient artifact collector, and he observed that Golden Fleece had been stolen from his storeroom at this morning. He was explaining each and everything with wonder and also said that his niece is also missing along with Golden Fleece. Argonauts agency gets into work without wasting a minute and begins to discover the place where that incident happened.

As a player, your role in a game is to help the Argonauts Agency and its team in the investigation to crack the case of the missing Golden Fleece with his niece.


Jason –not a typical hero just loves bashing every monster
Heracles – the hero of heroes who just puts in his tint with Argonauts
Hylas – prince, and companion to Heracles
Caster and Poly deuces – twin brothers are the son of Zeus and Leda
Orpheus – famous for losing his love Eurydice
Zetes and Calais – Brothers are the sons of Boreas
Medea – most capable woman help Jason
Earthbound Men – giants who attack the Argonauts
Talos – huge man made of bronze who throws rocks at Argonauts
Sirens – Seductive women who sing beautifully
Pelias – Jason’s power-hungry uncle
King Aeetes – the ruler of Colchis, the biggest obstacle of Jason and Argonauts


Following are the features that make the Argonauts Agency series an incredible and stunning one.

  • 60 fun, diverse levels
  • Earn Trophies
  • choice of selecting the difficulty level
  • Bonus content – Concept Art and Music

Game System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Vista/Windows XP/Window7/ Window8/Window10
CPU: 1.0GHz
RAM: 512 MB
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 208 MB
Games App System Requirements

Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later