Golf is a fantastic way to get some fresh air, spend time socializing and get some exercise, but it can be an expensive sport to get into. If you are new to golf and want to set yourself up with the best golf gear, clothing and accessories it is wise to buy just exactly what you need, and avoid wasting cash on things which are not going to benefit a novice player.

Here you can find a brief guide covering all three elements, so you can get yourself set up and ready to get out onto the greens and actually playing in no time.

The golf gear beginners need


These are obviously essential, but a well cared for second-hand set of decent quality modern clubs is a better investment than a cheaper new set. Read up on clubs first so you don’t accidentally buy a used set which is incomplete.

Golf balls

Beginners do best with a 2-piece ball as they are not as delicate as traditional balls. You can cut costs on these by looking for reliable second-hand sources.

A golf bag

It should be comfortable to carry for what can be a fairly long distance, so look for one with nicely padded straps, or invest in a trolley instead.

The golf clothing beginners need

If possible check directly with a course you plan to play on to get details for their dress code. In general, though both men and women should be okay with the following items:

A polo style shirt (with collar)

This can be long or short-sleeved and made from any material. It’s safer to choose a muted, block colour and avoid anything decorated with any form of writing or advertising.


Long shorts or semi-formal trousers

Think smart casual office wear, and as you may need to wear a belt choose items with loops for that purpose. Chinos are always a good bet, and muted colours are advisable.


Golf shoes

A crucial buy; go for shoes which have either soft spikes or rubber studs, as these don’t damage the greens.


White socks

Ankle length is fine.



Essential for summer games, a baseball cap (worn the intended way) is generally fine, though a visor will pass muster too.

The golf accessories beginners need

There are various less obvious items which a novice golfer could make good use of, including:


A marker pen

Marking your golf balls makes it easy to identify them when you need to.


A water bottle

It’s easy to get dehydrated while out on the greens, even in cooler weather. Don’t risk impairing your ability to play by simply not having easy access to a drink.


A golf glove

You only need to wear one at a time, on the right hand if you are left-handed and vice versa, though if playing in humid conditions you may need a spare or two.


Although not essential you may also wish to secure a golf umbrella, some white tees, a golf pencil, a pitchfork, and a towel to clean your balls.