Gaming Strategies and Tactics

Understanding gaming strategies and tactics can drastically impact your wagering. It helps you understand the game more, increasing your win rate and income. Today’s guide will help you better understand those gaming tactics and where to learn them. We’ll even share with you several examples of them for different eSports. So prepare yourself for helpful reading, and let’s jump in!

What are the Gaming Strategies and Tactics

What causes eSport games to have a competitive factor? Complex gameplay. Players can make thousands of decisions within a match and react to situations uniquely. Thanks to such freedom in decision-making, players can create tactics and strategies.

Tactics and strategies are specific playing patterns aimed at reaching a certain goal. Or in simple words, it is a playstyle that helps players achieve something (depending on the game).

In fact, all competitive players have tactics and strategies in their backpacks. And they use them constantly to outplay opponents and get on top of them. The next paragraph will teach how you can use that.

How Knowing Gaming Strategies and Tactics Help You in Betting

A comprehensive analysis has always been a foundation for s successful bet. It helps you foresee upcoming matches and know which outcomes are more probable. Knowing gaming strategies and tactics contributes to your analysis quality.

How exactly? Let’s imagine the following situation. There is an upcoming match between team A and team B. Team A is known for its striking assaults; they easily finish off competitors bad at defensive plays. While Team B is the opposite: their defense is at the top.

Knowing this, you understand that Team A will have difficulty bringing their game plan to life. But we can’t say that about Team B. They’ll counter opponents, dictate how the game is played, and probably win here.

That was the most basic and cutout representation of how knowing tactics and strategies works. However, modern games’ tactics and strategies are far more elaborate. We’ll soon discuss them. But first, let’s see where you may learn strategies and tactics.

How to learn gaming strategies and tactics

Learning gaming strategies and tactics can be a tricky thing. Especially if you are unfamiliar with the game, you bet on. Therefore it’s the first thing to work on. Once you’ve got it covered, implement some of these practical tips.

Play the Game Yourself

By playing the game, you’ll naturally get better at it. And at some point, you’ll start understanding strategies and tactics yourself. Hence you’ll know how they work in practice.

Watch Guides

YouTube is full of enthusiasts making content about their favorite competitive games. And the chance you can find a video about some playing strategies and tactics is high. If you do, take your time to learn it.

It would be even better if the video explained a tactic or strategy a pro team/player uses. So you can instantly capitalize on your fresh knowledge. But to do it, you’ll need a good bookie for eSports betting with high odds and a lot of markets to bet on. Check this list to pick one. There you’ll find industry-leading websites with their benefits in front. Finding a proper eSports platform will be very quick and easy.

Spectate Competitive Games

Of all sources, competitive games are the best for learning gaming strategies and tactics. It’s because they let you see them in practice, seeing which teams use them.

You can do it by watching live competitive streams. Or search the net for replays. But pay attention to the replays’ upload dates. Examine the most recent matches as they give relevant information.

Examples of Gaming Tactics and Strategies

If you weren’t familiar with gaming tactics and strategies before, you might still get them vaguely. There is a simple solution for you. Check out the following strategies and tactics for top eSports games.

Dota 2: Fast Push

Fast Push

Dota 2 is all about getting stronger and turning it into an objective advantage or even a win. The fast push tactic suggests a team getting strong in the early game, faster than opponents. Players achieve it by playing strong early characters: Nature’s Prophet, Undying, Void Spirit, etc.

League of Legends: Split Pushing

Players don’t necessarily have to fight to win. Conversely, they can split and strive for the objectives: towers, inhibitors, and map bosses. That’s what the split pushing strategy suggests.

Such tactics are tough to play around. So many teams fail to counter split pushers and get behind in the game.

Apex Legends: Defensive Playing

Apex Legends has plenty of characters with unique abilities. Combining them helps you achieve a map goal. For instance, picking Horizon, Caustic, and Rampart allows setting up an unwavering defense.

Horizon will block the enemy’s grenades and slow them when they come close. Caustic will throw a couple of barrels, so opponents will have difficulty engaging. While Rampart places shields to shoot the enemies off. If this trio will reside in a proper building, they would be very hard to eliminate.