We’ve handed the free flash game of the day award to zombie games, top strategy games, shooters and many more, but never did a game as simple as Mahi Mahi win the award. However, this does not mean that such do not deserve our attention, so I have decided to award today’s free flash game of the day reward to Mahi Mahi.

What is Mahi Mahi? A puzzle game – a title you probably know best as Mahjong, that game where you have to clear the tiles in time – and which usually appears to be impossible to complete. With great graphics, a hefty 40 minutes to finish each level and a shuffle section, Mahi Mahi will certainly prove to be a great exercise for the brain.

The rules are simple: Concentrate in the mahi and identify the identical manies which are place in the corners of the board and delete them. The score is increased when the identical mahis are deleted. And the three levels need to be finished within the time duration of 40 minutes. So try to concentrate in the mahis to speed up your score and reach the next level. Can you do it?

Try to find out the answer by playing Mahi Mahi for free. Have fun!