anti-piracyThis Friday the 13th ELSPA (the Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association) investigators decided to bring nightmares to life for two Scottish people who were into pirating games and gaming consoles. Their action was a success and hopefully the world will now have two pirates less to worry about.

The organization reported seizing of “a large number of items” but didn’t actually tell us which the numbers are, nor the estimated value – but that matters the least. It’s good they got them, right?

Alistair Thomson Head of Environmental Health and Trading Standards said: “This operation shows that we will not tolerate anyone selling counterfeit goods in Highland. The supply of counterfeit goods has strong links to organised crime and not only affects the people who develop and produce the genuine items but also the local businesses who sell them and the innocent consumers who are duped into buying them. We work closely with Northern Constabulary and ELSPA in our sustained fight against this type of product counterfeiting.”