fm2009-coverI must admit that I wasn’t expecting Sports Interactive to release any new patches for Football Manager 2009, since they are most likely working already on FM2010, but it appears I was wrong: a new Football Manager 2009 patch has been released, taking the game to version 9.3.0.

As usual, the FM2009 Patch 9.3.0 delivers an immense list of changes (hopefully fixing those related to the strikers, too) which can be fully checked out on the official website. According to the official word, the 9.3.0 patch also includes all the January transfer window moves, and updates managers’ movement too. It is also save game compatible, so you can continue playing your current games, although to make use of the updated database you will need to obviously start a new game.

The new Football Manager 2009 patch can be downloaded here. Have fun!