Finding The Newest Slot Games

Finding The Newest Slot Games

As a fan of slot games, one of the hardest thing for me to do is to let go of the old games and play the new ones. I’m usually playing the same games I’ve played a lot of times before and where I won all the stuff that I can do. Best feature games with more than 1000x returns, the maximum number of free games and I even got 5 books on Book of Ra.

But I was bored of the old games and wanted to try a few new ones. After you play a while, almost any game you played will feel familiar and the thrill of winning will probably won’t be the same. What can you do in that case?

Change the Casino

The first thing you need to do is to change the casino. If you’ve played for more than 3-4 months to the same casino, there’s a chance that you might played any games that will be available there for the whole year or more. Most of the casinos rarely add new games as they already have over 100+ slot games from which the users can chose.

If you’ve played them all and nothing’s new to you, you should probably change the casino. And example of a great casino is syndicate.casino – which I personally like for the Summer Blast prizes and the fact that they have a large variety of bonuses.

Search for New Games 

Each respectable casino has a place where you can sort the games and find out which are the newest ones. For example, Syndicate.casino have a lot of casino games new where you can play the latest slot games.

In case you’ve played all the games, you can also speak with a support person and ask them where would they add more games. Usually, these people are extremely helpful.

Ask on websites

Another great way to find good new slot games is to ask gamblers. There are a lot of places where you can ask the people for their opinion. For example, there’s gamblingforums where a lot of people talk about their latest gambling experiences, on what games they had the best payout, what casinos are the best and a lot of other stuff.

And there’s also websites like Reddit, Quora or AskGamblers. These websites will surely help you pick a new casino with a large variety of slots. And AskGamblers also have a lot of bonuses for slot players worldwide.

Search on Google/Bing

There’s always the possibility of searching trough Google. Make sure to select the right period – such as the last week or month – and search for ‘ new casino games’ ,’ casino games new’ or ‘ new slot games’. This way you could easily found a lot of places that have the latest casino games.

And remember, don’t play with money until you haven’t tested the game with play money. Otherwise, its not worth it. You might lose all your money on a games that have a very low payout and wasn’t even that funny.


Finding new slots games is not that hard. All you have to do it follow our steps and to have a bit of patience. Remember to always check the reputation of the casino where you’re playing.