fifa-manager-10This year will certainly be a really hot one for football management game fans since not only Football Manager and FIFA Manager are on the market, but also Championship Manager – resurrected and promising to win back it’s piece of the pie. However, the developers of FIFA Manager 10 didn’t waste any time either and they’re going to show us all the improvements made to the game via a just-released demo version of the management sim.

In the demo which is released today, virtual team managers can play half a season in one of the top leagues from England, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Spain. The respective save games can be continued in the final version.

The demo of FIFA Manager 10 contains all the available game modes such as the 3D game, text mode, videotext and instant results. That means the players can try out, among other things the improved 3D match engine featuring your manager on the sideline and the new user interface with resolution up to 1920*1200.

In order to minimize the download size, FIFA Manager 10 demo waives 3D player faces, 3D commentary as well as the all free online mode which is included in FIFA Manager 10´s full game for the first time.

FIFA Manager 10´s extensive player database includes over 3.900 teams and more than 37.000 players, of which over 9.000 are in the game with their original pictures. Additional players can be added via the editor.

FIFA Manager 10 is developed by the developer studio Bright Future in Cologne for EA SPORTS. The game will be released October 30th in six languages for the PC only and, boy, I can’t wait to see who will be the big winner of the battle this year!

Until then, you can go and download the FIFA Manager 10 demo here.