Also, although we can feel the developer’s intention to create a true PC game and not a console port, the game’s menu still feels too much like a console remake, with all the un-natural series of clicks a user has to go through in order to get where he wants to. However, the biggest drawback of the game, at least for those who know about the console versions, is the fact that there’s no 10 vs. 10 online play in the Be A Pro mode – and this takes most of the fun. But, all in all, FIFA 09 for PC is by far the best game in the series as it brings original and brand new features hand in hand with quality and pure, plain fun.

FIFA 09 for Xbox 360 is just a step ahead of the PC version and if you get the chance to play both versions, you’ll still get the feeling that the PC users are still not kept in high regard by the EA Sports team. The version for Microsoft’s console comes with much improved visuals and overall character design (during a game, I almost felt like putting the controller aside and grab a pen to ask for an autograph from Cristiano Ronaldo).

However, most of the fun comes from the online play. The Be A Pro mode goes completely epic in 10 vs. 10 matches (even though defenders rarely are defenders and it’s generally a bit of a mess on the pitch, but it’s really entertaining). Also, we have the Interactive World Cup which kicked off last year and for the diehard fans of specific team, this also offers tons of entertainment.

There are also a few other bling-blings which will not generally be used (like the pre-defined tactics for when you’re winning or losing) but they do look good on the long features list. So, after all these years of PES supremacy in the console market, FIFA seems to grab the top spot this year. A real improvement from EA!


Over the past years, EA’s FIFA franchise has been criticized for not bringing real improvements with the new versions and the previously released UEFA game seemed to prove that this year’s FIFA 09 will be a miss, too. It wasn’t and, for our surprise, Electronic Arts came up with innovation and quality, both packed in one product: FIFA 09, this year’s best soccer game!

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