If you really want to be a master farmer in FarmVille, but you don’t really have the time to plant and completely master all the crops in the game (who does, after all?), Zynga has decided to offer you a chance: a Platinum Mastery Statue that offers double mastery and the good thing is that unlike other similar products released in the past, it never expires!

Of course, with such quality comes a great price: you will have to pay no less than 300 Farm Cash (that’s about $50!) to purchase the Platinum Mastery Statue, so you should really think twice before deciding if you want this one or not. In the end, those mastery signs look amazing on your farm but… do they deserve the price? That’s definitely just for you to decide!

So what do you think about the Platinum Mastery Statue that just hit FarmVille? Will you purchase it or say pass this time?