It appears that Zynga has been planning to polish FarmVille a little more and they did so by revamping the Gift Box feature in FarmVille, just minutes after the storage revamp. Everything is a lot easier to use now and makes more sense, so read on to find out about the new changes of the FarmVille gift box!

As you can see in the image to the left, there are two new categories now in the gift box: the “Trees” and “Other” category which make it even easier to search for the items you have in your inventory.

Also, Zynga introduced a FrontierVille-like feature that makes navigation easier: the gift box will now remember what page you were on, and if you close it and re-open it during the same game session, it will open on the same page. This means that if you were on the third page of your gift box and closed it, only to open it a couple of minutes later, it would open on the third page. Now that’s some time saving we’ve got!