On a technical level, many people complained about the “unfinished” state of Fallout 3 and the exasperating crash bugs. I must admit that, luckily, I had no major problems while playing the game – it did crash twice as far as I can remember, but it never locked up the system and a restart was never needed. However, if you find yourself in trouble, we have a very helpful discussion going on about addressing Fallout 3 crash bugs here – it might save you from a lot of problems!

Visually, Bethesda did an awesome job with Fallout 3. The level of detail is impressive in this huge virtual universe and, except for minor camera issues and that clumsy third person view, it is as good as it can get. Add to that very short load times and you’ll soon realize that, from this point of view, Bethesda did a great job: the same can be said about the sounds, which manage to bring extra flavor to the post-apocalyptic universe.

Fallout 3 is a game that proves that changing a successful receipt will not always result in an incredible miss. Bethesda took the chance of bringing us a different Fallout experience and they managed to reach perfection in today’s terms. It’s hard to write a conclusion for this review without sounding like a hater or, on the contrary, too permissive. It’s hard to write a simple conclusion when Fallout 3 is such a complex and wonderful game, a title so close to perfection, to that absolute level of coolness that no words could describe its greatness.

So just have this in mind: I hated Bethesda when I first heard that they’re going to bring a different Fallout 3, but now I can say that their game deserves to be placed on the shrine I was talking in the beginning, right above the first two games in the series. Fallout 3 is evolution. Beautiful evolution. And that, my friends, translates only as: “MUST have!”

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