wofChinese company The9 lost their contract with Blizzard for another firm, but they didn’t waste too much time and decided to continue with their own World of Warcraft – a title that simply rips off WoW’s concept and one that will probably have its own share of success just because of this reason.

The9’s game will be titled WoF (World of Fight, since they had absolutely no intention to have a name that at least sounds good) and, except for the font style you can check out in the image you can find in the upper left corner (discovered by Kotaku), there are other similarities with World of Warcraft and even Warhammer Online since, of course, ripping off two successful games and combining elements from both titles is better than copying just one, right?

As you can see, the gate pictured above looks very much like a Chaos Gate from WAR, the website of the game is wofchina.com (as opposed to World of Warcraft’s website, wowchina.com) and similarities surely go on and on and on. But even though the looks might be the same, I am completely sure that in terms of gameplay quality, The9’s MMO is nothing but a time waster.