The introduction of Orchards in FarmVille was also followed by the release of a new feature&item in the game: Mystery Seeds. If you’re curious to find out everything about the FarmVille mystery seeds, how to get them and how to use them, read on this guide!

What are the FarmVille Mystery Seeds?

These are new items that can be obtained when harvesting your orchards. Every time you harvest, there is a chance of finding a mystery seed which, once planted, will grow into a Level 2 tree based on the types of trees you have in the orchards (for example, if you have 15 apricot trees and 5 banana trees inside, the chance is bigger for a Level 2 Golden Apricot Tree mystery seed). The nice thing is that you won’t know what tree will the mystery seed produce until you’ve planted it.

However, growing the Mystery Seed into a golden tree in FarmVille is not that easy: you need to plant it first (simply place it on your farm), then you need to water it 10 times in order for it to grow. Therefore, you need a newly introduced object in the game, the Watering Can.

Therefore, if you were wondering what is the watering can for in FarmVille, now you have the answer: for growing mystery seeds into full golden trees! You can get Watering Cans from your neighbors, via the free gifts page or you can purchase them from the market for 1 Farm Cash each.

Good luck building the best Orchards out there!