dominion-smallThose of you who got all happy hearing that EVE Online will get a brand new and hot update, Dominion, will probably lose some of that joy after hearing that, after the release of the update, the system requirements for playing EVE Online will be a bit higher. Fortunately, CCP believes that just 0.4 percent of the users will be affected, so it might not be such a biggie, after all.

Basically, EVE Online will only need one extra thing: Windows XP Service Pack 2, at least. So this means that only users running Service Pack 1 will be affected, and I do tend to believe that CCP is right and just 0.4% of the Windows owners are still running SP1. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to buy new hardware to play the game.

On the brighter side, since 8.8% of the game’s characters are already playing under Windows 7 (and it is expected for the numbers to grow once the full version of Windows 7 is released), Eve Online will offer official Windows 7 support with the release of Dominion.