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Ever since the release of Elden Ring, the game has managed to secure the attention of global users for the right reasons. It is a role-playing action game, which means that being reliant on weapons is crucial for survival in this game.

However, most players have a question regarding the availability of weapons. Should one opt for the primary weapons or go for more advanced options available in the different levels in the game?

This article will explore everything you possibly need to know about the Elden Ring Weapon Tier list and the available weapons in each tier.

Weapons in Elden Ring

Weapons in Elden Ring

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Elden Ring is a relatively new game released in February 2022. With the influence of the fantasy world and the fast-paced action in the game, it has acquired a dedicated and loyal base of gamers.

If you are new to the game and don’t know much about the game’s backdrop, Elden Ring happens out of a cathedral. This acts as a base or the central hub where weapons and magic are used for a player to move through the different levels.

From the Cathedral, players have a choice to scope through nine connected areas, including the forest and mountains. To survive through each terrain and even the enemies around, you need good access to weapons – ones that will fair well and contribute to your survival in the game.

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Elden Ring Weapon Tier List (2022)

A tier list is self-explanatory. It consists of a list of all the weapons based on their importance, usage, and power. So, the weapons in Elden Ring that are the most powerful are ranked at the top of the tier list, and so on.

To ensure better survival chances, access to the right weapons is crucial. You can’t expect things to work in your favor if you don’t have the means to defend yourself.

For a brief understanding, the Elden Ring Weapon Tier List is divided into seven categories – S to F. And, you guessed it right – S comprises the most potent weapons. In contrast, F comprises the weakest in the lot.

We will highlight more on that in the following paragraphs.

1. S-Tier List

Weapon NameSkill
Blasphemous BladeTaker’s Flames
Dark Moon GreatswordMoonlight Greatsword
Death’s PokerGhostflame Ignition
Erdtree BowMighty Shot
Fallingstar Beast JawGravity Bolt
Gargoyle’s BlackbladeCorpse Wax Cutter
Godslayer’s GreatswordThe Queen’s Black Flame
Lion GreatbowRadahn’s Rain
Meteoric Ore BladeGravitas
Mohgwyn’s Sacred SpearBloodboon Ritual
MoonveilTransient Moonlight
Scepter of the All-KnowingKnowledge Above All
Rivers of BloodCorpse Piler
Scepter of the All-KnowingKnowledge Above All
Sword of Night and FlameNight-and-Flame Stance
Carian Regal ScepterSpinning Weapon

2. A-Tier Weapons

Weapon NameSkill
Bastard’s StarsNebula
Beastclaw GreathammerRegal Beastclaw
Blade of CallingBlade of Gold
Bolt of GransaxAncient Lightning Spear
Cleanrot SpearSacred Phalanx
Cranial Vessel CandlestandSurge of Faith
Crystal SwordSpinning Slash
Death Ritual SpearSpearcall Ritual
Dragon GreatclawEndure
Dragon King’s CragbladeThundercloud Form
Eclipse ShotelDeath Flare
Envoy’s GreathornGreat Oracular Bubble
Grafted Blade GreatswordBear Witness!
Halo ScytheWaterfowl Dance
Horn BowHoarfrost Stomp
Magma BladeMagma Guillotine

3. B-Tier Weapons

Weapon NameSkill
Antspur RapierImpaling Thrust
Cipher PataUnblockable Blade
Clayman’s HarpoonImpaling Thrust
Crystal SpearNone
Frozen NeedleImpaling Thrust
Gargoyle’s Black AxeWar Cry
Ghostflame TorchTorch Attack
Glintstone KrisGlintstone Dart
Great Omenkiller CleaverNone
Loretta’s War SickleSea of Magma
Marika’s HammerKick
NagakibaSquare Off
Not Flowing HammerBlood Blade
Ringed FingerGlintblade Phalanx
Starscourge GreatswordKick

4. C-Tier Weapons

Weapon NameSkill
Bandit’s Curved SwordSpinning Slash
Curved ClubNone
Gargoyle’s TwinbladeSpinning Slash
Jar CannonKick
Ordovis’s GreatswordOrdovis’s Vortex
Rotten GreataxeEndure
Steel-Wire TorchFirebreather
Troll’s HammerTroll’s Roar
TorchTorch Attack
Watchdog’s StaffSorcery of the Crozier
Watchdogs GreatswordStamp Upward Cut
Finger SealNone
GrossmesserSpinning Slash

5. D-Tier Weapons

Weapon NameSkill
Beastman’s CleaverNone
Bloodhound’s FangBloodhound’s Finesse
Butchering KnifeBarbaric Roar
Celebrant’s SkullBarbaric Roar
Cleanrot Knight’s SwordImpaling Thrust
ClubBarbaric Roar
Erdtree GreatbowThrough and Through
FlailSpinning Chain
Ghiza’s WheelSpinning Wheel
Golem’s HalberdCharge Forth
Great StarsEndure
LongbowMighty Shot
Omen CleaverSpinning Slash
Pulley BoxMighty Shot
ShamshirSpinning Slash

6. E-Tier Weapons

Weapon NameSkill
Battle AxeWild Strikes
Bloodstained DaggerQuickstep
BroadswordSquare Off
Celebrant’s CleaverWild Strikes
Commander’s StandardRallying Standard
DismounterSpinning Slash
Gargoyle’s HalberdSpinning Slash
Great MaceEndure
GreatswordStamp (Upward Cut)
Highland AxeWar Cry
Iron CleaverWild Strikes
Iron GreatswordNone
Monk’s FlamebladeNone
Scorpion’s StingerRepeating Thrust
Serpentine BladeDouble Slash
ShotelSpinning Slash

7. F-Tier Weapons

Weapon NameSkill
Banished Knight’s HalberdCharge Forth
Black BowBarrage
ClaymoreLion’s Claw
Composite BowMighty Short
Erdsteel DaggerQuickstep
FlambergeStamp Upward Cut
Forked HatchetQuickstep
Great EpeeImpaling Thrust
HalberdCharge Forth
Harp BowBarrage
Iron BallBraggart’s Roar
LanceCharge Forth
LongswordSquare Off
Misbegotten ShortbowBarrage
Noble’s EstocImpaling Thrust

These are just some of the most popular and effective weapons in Elden Ring. Remember that the list we have sorted doesn’t include ALL the weapons since there are hundreds more to add. However, when playing Elden Ring, focus on acquiring the weapons that will matter in the game. There’s no point in mindlessly collecting weapons without knowing what they are used for.

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Now that you have a comprehensive idea of the top Elden Ring weapons, making your way through the game shouldn’t be difficult. However, we understand that mastering this game can take some time. Therefore, what we’d recommend you do is explore the best weapons and their uses. Once you have that sorted, it should enable you to make it through the different levels in the game using the weapons you have collected during your weapon hunt.

Also, never leave behind a weapon you acquire. Even though you can’t find a good use for the said weapon right now, you never know what you might need it for.