E-Sports: Powering up Sports Betting Sites

Have you ever wondered why is it that eSports have turned into such a big segment in the sports gambling industry and why some online bookmakers have been focusing on specializing on eSports as a way to reach more users? By now, betting on eSports has become so popular and so mainstream that you can easily find specific betting sites offering a wealth of markets for each and every game distinctively. For example if you are a fan of CS:GO then you can find csgo gambling sites to bet with and this holds true for other games as well.

Well the answer lies in the fact that eSports are currently leading the growth in the entire sports betting industry and they are expected to reach the top of punters’ preferences all across the world in the very near future. So, bookmakers and online betting sites don’t want to miss the opportunity of capitalizing and cashing on this trend.

Sometimes the boundaries between fans and sports bettors in a sports game audience is blurred. Many analysts believe that a big part of those who watch a sporting event, do so because they have bet on this event.

Others believe that watching an event triggers viewers to wager on it, provided the availability of corresponding betting markets. In a few words, the question is whether sports bettors watch games because of their wagers or is it that sports fans place wagers while watching an exciting and interesting game?

Of course this is a tough question to answer, because there is a very thin line between sports bettors and fans and this line is too often extinguished. This is particularly true for eSports, where viewers are said to predominantly develop interest in competitive video gaming simultaneously with developing an interest in betting on competitive video gaming.

That explains why eSports betting has grown exponentially in the past few years, alongside the exponential growth of eSports viewership. We are witnessing eSports getting more and more integrated to the traditional betting markets, while some online bookies are focusing on providing specialized offerings and becoming specialized platforms, as for example specialized csgo gambling sites that offer free csgo skins and cases.

No matter what drives eSports betting growth, it remains a fact that wagering on competitive video gaming, especially on well known leagues and tournaments, is actually spiking. And as betting on eSports surges, bookmakers are doing everything they can to tap on this opportunity.

Probably the most recent and the most effective means of attracting both more users and more bets from existing users is micro betting on eSports. Micro betting is actually thriving in sports like football, baseball, basketball and tennis where there is a lot of activity going on in a single match and where punters feel that they want to get all the pleasure and excitement of bets on distinctive, isolated moments of the event.

Lately it is also thriving in eSports, as more and more betting sites that have an expanded menu of eSports betting markets, specialize in offering a wide range of micro bets as well.

These bets have become so popular because they are short-term oriented (which means that they are settled before the game is over), they offer immersive experience to the bettors, they enable interactivity with the game that fans are watching, they increase engagement with the game and ultimately they power up the entire betting experience of viewers.

Micro betting is emerging as one of the most powerful tools in the hands of betting sites and bookies, for increasing their users’ satisfaction and loyalty. And as eSports are gaining more and more widespread popularity, sportsbooks are turning more and more to micro betting in order to optimize the returns and leverage this fast growing trend.

Many industry experts believe that micro betting is the new generation’s favorite betting and that the traditional, basic bet markets are going to eventually fade away in eSports and in the conventional sports as well.