Esports Games

As a specialized product growing quickly and grabbing the attention of fans and businesses eager to profit spreads around the globe, the eSports sector continues to grow. It’s a community that can be very beneficial for more than simply businesses entering into cooperation agreements to provide DFS or eSports betting. It’s engaging and enjoyable.

Yes, betting on eSports teams and players can be lucrative when done correctly and with sufficient study. Of course, you must walk before you can run, just as with anything you bet on. This reasoning also holds for eSports betting, as you should be fully informed before risking your hard-earned money.

Undoubtedly, this is not a situation that makes for simple betting. You could get fortunate and win big on a few underdog wagers. Still, to win regularly, you must understand the players, the teams, how the contests are run, what the data means, and, most importantly, the games these contests are based on.

Ranking the best eSports games for betting is rather subjective, but some are undoubtedly more well-liked than others, and others may be simpler to forecast. the best eSports games for betting” to see our top eSports games for betting, taking everything into account:

Esports Games To Bet On

League Of Legends

You may bet on LOL, which is unquestionably among the most well-liked eSports games, at most of the top eSports betting sites. Being a multiplayer war arena game, this game is far more intense than your typical first-person experience.

The main goal of this game is to destroy the Nexus, the opponent’s major structure in the middle of each team’s base. There are other modes available, but Summoner’s Rift is the one you’re most likely to wager on because it pits two teams of five players against one another. Some of the leading eSports betting sites allow you to place free bets on the team you believe will win, and if you are skilled at analyzing teams, this may be one of the finest sports to look for value in.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In the first-person shooter CS: GO, two teams face off against one another on several maps. With its dramatic action, fast-paced playstyle, and easy gameplay, CS: GO is a popular esports game worldwide and certainly a household brand in the esports business.

Since CS: GO is among the well-famous esports and is entirely covered by different sportsbooks, it will be easy to discover esports betting providers that offer markets for it. Although betting on Counter-Strike is simple to understand, like with other betting markets, you should first look at a few eSports betting tutorials and familiarize yourself with the game’s foundations.


Over the past ten years, the popularity of battle royale subgenre has increased noticeably. To win this game, one team or person must survive a battle between many players on a battlefield.

The genre’s success has much to do with practically all these games being cross-platform and costing nothing. Because each game is free and playable with gamers on other platforms—including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile—millions of players have access to it. However, this creates the perfect environment for esports.

Fortnite debuted its esports in the year 2017 and became the field’s most popular game. It blends certain Minecraft and battle royale aspects with cartoon graphics and short, entertaining games. Players may gather resources to construct constructions that will aid in their survival. Epic Games’ Summer and Fall Skirmish tournament series 2018 ignited the competitive Fortnite scene. Then, in 2019, Epic Games announced and hosted a World Cup featuring free, public online qualifying rounds. Forty million players from all over the world took part.

Dota 2

Another popular eSports game where you may place a wager is Dota 2, which puts five players (two teams) against one another, intending to destroy the opponent’s main base (known as an Ancient). The primary goal of the game is to destroy your opponent’s Ancient. Players may acquire points in several ways.

DotA 2 has a lot of characters (known as heroes) who each have unique skills and abilities, making it among the more intense and well-liked eSports games you can wager on. The key to betting on Dota 2 is identifying which eSports players are the greatest at each hero’s powers, although this concept is challenging.

The “capture the flag” concept might also be used in this game, but it’s a lot more complex, engaging, and destructive.

Starcraft II

If you like the 1998 original Starcraft, you’ll adore the sequel, Starcraft II, which offers fantasy strategy gamers, watchers, and bettors an even more intense experience. This game is centered around three factions: the Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss. The latter two are accessible to players through Legacy of the Void and Heart of the Swarm.

You can choose from the three starting characters in each game, becoming either a Terran (a human), a Zerg (more of an alien), or a Protoss (a wizard). Destroy your adversary’s structures (also known as units) to win. It’s far more sophisticated than that, but it’s exciting to get started, and after you figure it out, betting on it can also be enjoyable.

It should come as no surprise that this game is challenging to pick up and play, much less master. However, this is why watching (and wagering on) some of the top eSports competitors is so interesting, as they demonstrate the proper techniques for everyone. Depending on where you bet, you may place a wager on the person or team that will win and other handicap bets.


These are only our opinions and rankings for our favorite eSports betting games. However, as you enter the world of eSports, you’ll see just how many games and players there are to learn about, (hopefully) monitor, and bet on. The games now available for betting are fairly constrained in a vast, expanding globe.

This is a starting point if you’re considering betting on eSports for the first time. However, as this specialized industry develops, more athletes and video games will be added to eSports betting platforms.