drakensangA quality RPG game from Eidos, Drakensang: The Dark Eye will hit UK store shelves on March 27, hoping to build on the immense success the game has recorded in Germany. Although it?s not at all a popular game and I didn?t know too much about it until now, I did check out some videos and the title indeed seems to be solid, complex, and perfect for the fans of the role playing genre.

The game begins when your character receives a letter from an old friend, but you will soon find yourself charged with investigating a series of strange ritual murders. But getting to the bottom of this only means scratching the surface of a much bigger, more sinister plot ? as always?

Drakensang?s richly detailed environments are presented from an isometric perspective in which the player must manage a party of adventurers as they try to survive successive perilous encounters. From the outset Drakensang: The Dark Eye encourages the player to make as many friends as possible due, in part, to large numbers of enemies skulking in the dark corners of the city of Ferdok. Which, as you can imagine, means lots of combat opportunities, which further means even more fun for us!

And if that still is not enough to make you consider trying this game, stay tuned with Unigamesity and we?ll try to bring up a review of Drakensang: The Dark Eye as soon as possible.