Dragon Age: Origins is a role playing game developed by BioWare and released on November 3 2009. It is one of the most expected products of the year and even though some players have had some problems with the game freezing, it was considered one of the best RPGs released by Bioware. However, if you want to boost your stats and get an advantage in the game, you will certainly find the Dragon Age: Origins cheats below really useful:

Cheat mode:

You will have to enable the cheat mode in Dragon Age: Origins. In order to do so, you will have to add the -enabledeveloperconsole command line parameter to end of the “Target” field. To do so, right click the game’s shortcut on your Desktop, select “Properties” and under the “Shortcut” tab, near the “Target” line, enter the command line above.

Next, after launching the game, press ~ while playing to display the console window. Press the [Backspace] key to remove the “`” character if it is present in the console window and type in any of the following codes. Please have in mind that you won’t see what is being typed!

Cheat codes:

runscript addxp – Adds indicated amount of experience points
runscript zz_money – Add indicated amount of copper
runscript pc_immortal – Become immortal.