When your Frontierville family grows big, you might have a hard time keeping tabs on your spouse and your kids. Zynga solved this problem by providing you with a Dinner Bell and the Dinner Triangle.

Both the Dinner Bell and Dinner Traingle serve the purpose. Once you ring either bell or triangle, your family members will gather around it. It also summons visiting neighbors.

You can buy the Dinner Bell from the market for 5 Horseshoes while the Dinner Triangle is priced at 10 Wood 10,000 Coins. I bought the Dinner Triangle because Horseshoes are hard to come by in Frontierville.

Most people think that Skulls, Thorns, and Cacti make their homestead in Frontierville a mess but some people want these items in their property. These are available in the market for 8 Horseshoe each. Also available in the Market is Sunflowers, which are ready for harvest in 18 hours.

There’s a new tree in the Market. The Apricot Tree is unlocked at Level 13. You harvest it every eight hours and gives out two XP and two food.

Did you get the Dinner Bell or Dinner Triangle?


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