matrix-imageMatrix Games and Western Civilization Software have just announced that Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition is now available for download. The game, combining strategy and tactics, promises an opportunity for gamers to test their strength in an age of legends.

Matrix promise that Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition is a major step up from the original in nearly every area, with new detailed Naval Combat, a streamlined economic system, a much stronger AI, beautiful new strategic map, new scenarios and significant interface improvements, just to name a few.

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said “Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition is a very worthy sequel to the original classic. The new features, improvements and additional scenarios as well as engrossing strategic and tactical play make this an experience that Napoleonic fans should not miss. Anyone with an interest in the Napoleonic period as well as fans of beautifully designed strategy game should give this game a look!”

The initial release is download-only, with options for boxed copies with printed manuals planned to be available next week. Also, customers who already own the original Crown of Glory are entitled to a $10 Discount Coupon off the price of Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition. Check out the Matrix Games website for more details.