It’s time for a new chapter of missions from the FarmVille Winter Wonderland to be opened by Zynga and, as always, I am here to share with you all the details about these new missions. We’re talking here about the Winter Wonderland Chapter 2 Missions and I invite you to check out all the details below!

Winter Welcome mission
– Get 6 Fire Logs
– Harvest 60 Gingerbread
– Discover 1 Small Snow Treasure
Rewards: 100 XP, 2,500 Farm Coins, 1 Orchard and 1 Winter Tractor

Winter Warmth mission
– Get 6 Hot Sparks
– Harvest 60 Iced Rice
– Complete 1 Winter Animal Pen
Rewards: 200 XP, 2,500 Farm Coins and 1 Le Emperor Penguin

Those Who Help Them Elves mission
– Get 6 Colorful Lights
– Make 2 Ginger Smores
– Harvest 1 Le Emperor Penguin
Rewards: 300 XP, 2,500 Farm Coins and 1 Frosty Mini Horse

Elf Trouble mission
– Get 6 Shiny Brass Knobs
– Harvest 60 Gummi Bears
– Harvest 1 Winter Animal Pen
Rewards: 400 XP, 2,500 Farm Coins and 1 Blue Snow Fort

Go North, Young Elf! mission
– Get 6 Crystal Whatzits
– Harvest 60 Candied Yams
– Harvest 1 Frosty Mini-Horse
Rewards: 500 XP, 5,000 Farm Coins and 1 Snowflake Tree

Gearing Up mission
– Get 7 Wooden Gears
– Make 2 Candied Apples
– Harvest 1 Snowflake Tree
Rewards: 400 XP, 2,500 Farm Coins and 1 Snowball Catapult

Spin Cycle mission
Details coming soon

If you have the details about the unposted Winter Wonderland Chapter 2 missions in FarmVille, please post them in the comment section below.


  1. Spin Cycle mission

    Get 7 spinning whirl-its (requested from friends)

    Harvest 1 Le Emperor Penguin

    Harvest 80 Gingerbread

    Not sure on the reward as my emperor penguin is not going to be ready in time to collect within the 2 hour limit left. Good luck to you all!


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