A new set of missions has been released in Cafe World by Zynga – the 12 Days of Winterfest missions – which are actually 12 new missions that will be unlocked daily for us to complete. I am sure that you’re really curious to find out everything about the Winterfest missions in Cafe World, so let’s not waste any time and start checking out the requirements!

Day 1: It’s Getting Cold Mission

– Ask for 4 Pair of Mittens
– Serve 20 random recipes
– Ask for 6 Jackets

Day 2: Wonderland Mission

– Ask for 4 Beanies
– Serve 25 Random Dishes
– Serve 30 Random Dishes

Day 3: A Beautiful Time mission

– As for 7 Bottles of Chocolate Syrup
– Serve 10 Random Dishes
– Serve 20 Random Dishes

Day 4: Coming soon!

As you can see, the details about the 12 Days of Winterfest missions in Cafe World are still scarce, but I will surely do my best to find out everything about them and I will update as soon as possible. If you have the details about the mission requirements, please post them in a comment below!