Well, that didn’t take long! Puppies have arrived in The Ville and I am sure that everybody is excited about the prospect of having a furry little friend over in the game. The new feature is being introduced by a series of two new missions in The Ville and I am here to tell you the requirements of these missions, as well as share some details about the puppies in The Ville.

We’ll start with the introductory missions, so check out the requirements below:

Emergency at Casey’s!
– Collect 8 Puppy Food
– Vist Casey and Ask About Her Puppy
– Place Your Doghouse
Rewards: 2 XP, 35 Coins

Prepping for Puppy
– Ask 4 Neighbors for Puppy Advice
– Buy 2 Trees
– Build the Dog House
Rewards: 2 XP, 35 Coins

As you can see, you must place and build a Doghouse in order to actually enable puppies in The Ville, and in order to build the Doghouse, you need 10 Wood, 5 Hugs, 8 Screwdrivers, 4 Paint Cans and 1 Dog Pillow. Once built, you will have access to dogs in The Ville, which can actually fetch an object that you throw to them, and much more. The puppies bring a lot more into the gameplay and is certainly a feature to love in the game!