A new great feature went live today in FarmVille: the Wishing Well – make a wish, throw a penny and be ready to get all sorts of goodies in FarmVille. If you’re ready to learn everything about the Wishing Well in FarmVille, then read on this guide!

You will get the Wishing Well in the game for free next time you log in after the update: you’ll have to place it on your farm and it will be ready for use (thankfully!). So after placing it on your farm, just click it and select the “look inside” button to see the well menu: there, you can throw in Lucky Pennies and every time you do so, a random collectible for the collection you’re working on will be rewarded to you.

For example, the first collection that you have to complete (out of a total of 4) is the St. Patrick’s Collection and it has the following collectible requirements:

– Four Leaf Clover
– Leprechaun Hat
– Pint Glass
– Lucky Horseshoe
– Celtic Knot
– Rainbow

Now, every time you throw in a lucky penny, you will get a collectible from this collection (randomly), until you finish it and trade it for the Leprechaun Gnome and level up to level 2, where things will repeat with a new collection and a new reward, all the way to level 4!

Here’s how you can give and receive Lucky Pennies for the Wishing Well in FarmVille:

– Ask your neighbors directly for Lucky Pennies by clicking the “Ask For More” button
– Send or receive them via the Free Gifts page.
– Buy them with FV Cash (5 Farm Cash for 5 Lucky Pennies)
– Get a lucky bonus after throwing the penny

Remember to check back soon here in the Unigamesity for the complete list of Wishing Well levels and prizes!