Chris Corry – EA LA producer – unrevealed on the EA support forums some details about how the new SecuROM system will be implemented in C&C Red Alert 3. First, unlike Spore and Mass Effect, Red Alert 3 will need only one online autentification when the game is started for the first time. Then, you will have five installation permitted per CD key.

In my opinion this system has only one benefit: you don’t have to use the game DVD each time you want to play the game. I know how frustrating can be to have a DVD with lots of scratches, just because you play a lot.

On the other hand, the SecuROM, like any other anti-piracy software, has a lot of limitations, especially for the home-user who buys the game. I would really like to know if all these anti-piracy solutions had any effect on the sales. And if they did let’s compare the money gain from these sales to the money invested in technical support. Then let’s ask if all this worth the money invested in developing anti-piraty software that limits and cause frustration to the end-user.

Most of the time we forget that simple solutions are the most viable. First thing that comes in my mind is the online distribution of games – a similar system to Steam. After you pay the game, you receive a download link and then if you want you can have a physical copy of the game for a small fee. I think this will be a much more simple solution to piracy.