Over the past years, I tried to become more picky on the casinos that I chose. If there wasn’t a good bonus upon deposit – I wouldn’t pick it. I remember that when I started, there were a few casinos that were offering 30% bonus on deposit and 10-20 free spins? Now, most of them offer more than 75% bonus on deposit and 50+ free spins. But it’s normal. In fact, gambling industry got more than 45 billion in revenue in 2017. A massive increase is expected within the next few years also. So, how important are bonuses for a casino?


To acquire more users and get a leverage against the competition, a lot of casinos started to offer better and better offers if players would switch to their casino. Either new games, better games with more ways to win, bigger jackpots and of course – better on deposit bonuses.

A typical ‘ first deposit bonus’ is something common for a casino now. Most of them offer a 50% bonus on deposit or either 100%. But of course, to get that bonus – you need to play the actual deposit a couple of times. The best way to do this is to play low risk games – such as roulette. Here you can easily divide the bonus in two and play on ‘red’ and ‘black’ and pray to god not to hit a 0.

But some casinos stepped up their game and started to offer free spins also on the first deposit. On average, a user would get between 20 and 100 free spins. On Loyal Casino,they offer 250 free spins. This is a huge amount of free spins in which you can get a lot of cash and even more free games.

Also, to promote some of their nicest slot games – a few casinos made contests where you could win prizes if you play a special slot game that day. For example, to promote Trolls Bridge 2 – Loyal Casino offered 6 days where over 150 people could share a $3000 prize pool per day. You can make a profit only by playing the game, leaving aside the wins that may occur during it.

And casinos know how to attract their clients. Seeing that most of the people prefer a real dealer at Blackjack or Roulette, most of the casinos are now offering live dealers. The advantage here is that everything is on camera, your luck depends on the throw of a person – not on the decision that a computer takes – and you’re less likely to be cheated.

And more people love to be alone when they play. To be only them, the roulette and the dealer. So any good casino now have a few private environments for high rollers. Moreover, they also have great promotions where each time you’d lose – you’d win points. Collect a certain number of points and you could easily swap that for a good amount of cash.

And of course this is not the latest promotion that a casino can offer. A few players in the field have recently started to offer slot tournaments. The idea is simple here. Each hand you play on a certain bet have a certain point value. The first x players share a prizepool of $1000 or more – depending on the casino and the period of the tournament. There are also a few casinos where you need to pay to participate in a slot tournament, but the prizes are tempting and it might even be worth it.


Check the casinos promotions over and over again. Don’t play on a casinos that doesn’t have bonuses and lose your money. A casinos with more and better bonuses offers you a good leverage and a better experience than one without bonuses.