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Did you know that June 3rd is National Repeat Day? This quirky holiday is all about repeating things we enjoy doing and avoiding doing thing we would simply hate to repeat! While we’re not entirely sure how this national day came to be, we’re all about making each day count and are happy to offer you 3 ways for making the most out of it.

Watch Groundhog Day

There’s a good chance that when you first came across the notion of Repeat Day, what crossed your mind was the iconic 1993 comedy starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. So, why not watch this fun movie to celebrate a matching national day? Plus, since we highly recommend having fun on Repeat Day in the hopes of it sticking with us for the entire year, a little nostalgic laughter won’t hurt. Have yourself a happy little watch party and repeat every line line you remember by heart!

Play, win, repeat

One of the superstitions surrounding Repeat Day is that on this day, what you end up doing will eventually repeat itself throughout the year and beyond. So, make yourself into a year-long winner by adding a few easy victories to your day. We recommend playing games that offer, in addition to a fun and exciting gaming experience, lots and lots of generous rewards for players to win. Social gaming apps like 88 Fortunes, for instance, are mobile casino games that allow players to hit the jackpot on all of their favorite slot machines. Become a slots tycoon for the day and let the universe repeat that feeling every day after!

Break a cycle

This sort of national day may seem a bit silly, but it’s still a great opportunity to turn it into a meaningful change in your life. If you have a bad habit you would love to break, use Repeat Day as the calendar mark to help you achieve your goal, and do not repeat what you wish to avoid. I know, this sounds awfully easy and in reality is not, but we could all use a little push from the universe, and Repeat Day just might be yours.

Have your own ideas for a fantastic Repeat Day celebration? Tell us all about it in the comments! Still not sure what to do on this national day? Repeat reading this article!