PC and laptop users are probably already aware they can access games via their web browser, but what you may not know is that it is also easy to play these games on your mobile devices. Seasoned gamers may already have their list of favourites, and perhaps you’ve even got a preferred genre, such as casino games, adventure plots or brain teasers, but there is always room for a recommendation or two. If you want an insight into some of the greatest browser games out there, or you are new to this easy way to access free games, take a look at some of our recommendations and prepare to lose hours of your life to some serious gaming.

DD Tank

With wide-eyed cutesy characters acting as the protagonists in this game you could be forgiven for thinking this is going to be an easy, saccharine-filled game, but this is far from the truth. The angelic-looking soldiers can fight and they need to as they battle their way through dungeons to victory. There are a lot of elements to keep you interested including a fantastic choice of weapons, and daily tasks to keep you on your toes each time you log in. Another plus is the fact you can choose to play in either PvE, or PvP mode depending on your mood.

Betway Casino

Get stuck into some seriously exciting games via this user-friendly website and spend some time spinning slots and gaining bonuses to enjoy even more casino fun. The razor sharp casino game graphics and realistic sound-effects are the closest thing you can get to a real life casino in the comfort of your own home, or even out and about using your mobile device. Immerse yourself in Roulette, Poker or Blackjack, or try out the many different slot games which are all accessible via your browser.

Realm of the Mad God

Step into the world of the God Oryx and team up with dozens of other players to defeat the enemy. The game begins in the Nexus which will become your base should you run into trouble, and one of the most important things to remember is that one you are dead, you are dead, so you need to hotkey a “return to nexus” as soon as you begin the game. As well as being base where you are untouchable, the nexus is a hub where you can buy and store al the things you have accumulated. You are also free to trade with other players. If you love the idea of virtual camaraderie and blasting your way through a game knowing you could die at any moment, put this game in your browser immediately.


Now or something completely different! Using Street View images, GeoGuessr plonks you, the player in an undisclosed location and it is then up to you to work out where you are. Relying solely on clues provided by the Street View map you will need to deduce where in the world you are. Climate, road signs and landmarks can help you guess and when you think you know where you are, you will place a location marker on Google Maps before being assigned a different destination.