Bounty Hunter, or BH, is a PvP minigame initially removed from Old School RuneScape due to abusive behavior involving RMT. Due to the nature of the minigame, it was impossible to differentiate between fair fights and fights that had their whole purpose of transferring OSRS gold from one OSRS account to another for RMT purposes. While the initial removal of the minigame only added a few more steps for those who wanted to transfer gold sneakily, it also left a gap in PvP that no other activity could fill.


You can exchange the points you obtain by killing your targets at the rewards shop, also called Daimon’s crater, for a series of rewards that cost various points.


There are four types of armor that cover all of the playstyles. They all belong to the Ancient Warriors’ Equipment, and once you obtain them, you won’t be able to lose them unless you drop or destroy them. This is because with these armors, Jagex brought a new way to punish and reward players for losing or winning in PvP; hence the armors are PvP-specific.

They are inactive when you obtain them; to use them, you must charge them using gold (5 million). When you die using them, you will keep the armors in inactive form, while the player who killed you will get the gold you used to charge them. You can only use them in PvP combat.


You can also get a few weapons from the BH reward shop, such as the Vesta’s Spear for 400 points, Vesta’s longsword for 750 points, Statius’ Warhammer for 550 points, Morrigan’s Javelin for 650 points, and Zuriel’s Staff for 400 points. You can only use these weapons in PvP; you’ll need your stats above 75 in specific combat skills to wield them. You’ll also need to charge them with a load of 50 mil OSRS GP to make them active, gold which will be passed to your killer. Similarly to the armor, you’ll keep the inactive weapon upon dying.

Imbue scrolls

Imbue scrolls are another type of reward you can get from the BH reward shop, which are used to imbue weapons that are currently in-game to give them extra power. However, once you imbue a weapon, you can only use it for PvP. Currently, you can imbue:

  • Dark Bow
  • Barrelchest Anchor
  • Dragon Mace
  • Dragon Longsword
  • Abyssal Dagger

Bounty Hunter Ornament Kit

This is one of the rewards that PvMers and PvPers alike want because it will allow you to modify the appearance of a series of items. The ornament costs 50 BH points and can be applied to dragon equipment such as dragon 2h sword, dragon battleaxe, dragon boots, chainbody, claws, crossbow, dagger, halberd, longsword, mace, med helm, platelegs, plateskirt, scimitar, spear, square shield, sword, Warhammer, and to widely used items such as the fighter torso and helm of Neitiznot.

Other Ornament Kits

For 50 BH points, you can get an elder maul ornament kit, one for the heavy ballista, and one that works with the chaos robes.

Tradeable Rewards

The only tradeable rewards you can get are the target teleport scroll which is the only method to unlock the target teleport spell with level 85 magic, blighted Karambwans, manta rays, anglerfish, and super restore.

Bounty Hunter Rules

Bounty hunter returns with new and old rules. You can only play the minigame while in a target world, and there are currently 5 worlds: 318, 319, 541, 567, and 569. You can only attack and be attacked by players within 5 combat levels difference. Still, you can customize this difference to be attacked and attacked by others within a 15 levels difference if they also chose this.

You will get points for each target you kill and increasingly more points if you’re on a kill streak. However, you will also get bonus points when you reach kills milestones, similar to getting more points on specific tasks for the slayer skill. Additionally, you can earn points by leveling up emblems according to your own emblem’s tier and your opponents.

Selling Kills

The community simply desires the ornament kit rewards. Since they are BH exclusive, it created the perfect opportunity for players to sell kills since there are enough players who want the bounty hunter rewards effortlessly and are willing to pay other players to help them level up their emblems and earn BH points to then purchase the rewards from the BH shop. At the same time, the action is comparable to how players pay gold to other players or groups of players at the barbarian assault minigame so they can effortlessly complete their achievement diary for the torso.

There are a few key differences when thinking of a PvP minigame and how this could worsen the experience for other players who want to play the game fairly and enjoy the challenge of real targets. The good news is that after the initial hype of the BH rewards passes, there will be fewer and fewer players willing to pay others to be willing victims, so even if Jagex doesn’t do anything about this, it will eventually get to an occasional occurrence rather than an infestation that affects the gameplay of the others.