What features should be included in the best headset of the year 2019? We tested some of the headsets and found the answer. The best headset from Razer depends on each person. But one thing is clear – the sound quality of a headset matters.

No matter how good the design and how comfortable it is, if the bass and sound quality is not good. There is no use of such a headset. If you’re spending a good amount of money to have a good headset experience, you should know which are the best Razer headsets in the market

Razer is the company which has been in the market for years. They came up with various new headsets in the year 2019 – one better than the previous one.

You can find a great variety whether you are looking for wireless or wired headsets. Razer headphones are undoubtedly among the best in the world.

Razer headsets can vary in price so it’s a good idea to shop around, places like Amazon and eBay will have great offers but it’s best to go outside your bubble to get the best price.

The Best Headsets Launched by Razer in 2019

Razer Kraken Pro V2

Razer Kraken Pro V2 is one of the best budget gaming headsets in the market.

These headsets have a great audio quality and frankly from our side there’s only one thing that we didn’t liked – they’re wired. The headsets have an aluminum frame which makes them resistant to dropping them down.

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 are extremely comfortable – you can play for hours and hours and not get that ear pain that you usually get from chinese stuff. These are also flexible, durable and the comfort is awesome.

It doesn’t have very high bass but the mix of highs and mids which gives ears a pleasant effect. The overall comfort of the headset is really good. Surely these are a little heavy on your pocket, but the overall experience is worth all the money for a true game lover. Among all headsets, it is one of the best is this Razer headsets from the market.


  • Sound quality is balanced.
  • The haptic feedback of the headsets works in its favor.
  • Worth every penny.


  • It does not have support for noise cancellation.
  • A little heavy on the pocket.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

It is the first gaming headset to introduce THX Spatial Audio. Moreover, the price is really affordable and perfect for gamers.

Razer Kraken tournament edition is the headset specially made for the team communication. It provides the perfect mix of game and chat volume. You can tune between game and chat volume to get the perfect experience for both immersion and communication.

You can also mute the mic to avoid any disturbance. This headset has bass on 17 different levels. So that gamers can adjust the bass to the level they like. It is a wired set, perfect for the traditionally wired headset lovers. Moreover, there are hidden indented eyewear channels which compresses easily when you wear eyewear.

It has a soft memory form which sets itself according to the person wearing it. It provides heat transfer and has faster sweat evaporation. There is a cooling gel layer which reduces heat. It has cross-platform compatibility. And providing all these features, it is also not much expensive with for it’s worth and you can easily get it in under a hundred dollars.


  • Less expensive
  • Hidden support for eyewear
  • A mix of chat and game sound
  • 17 bass levels
  • Comfortable design


  • Wired
  • Software is buggy
  • The size is big to be carried easily.

Razer Thresher

Razer thresher is like a dream come true for gamers.

Razer Thresher is a wireless headset. This wireless headset can be connected to the Xbox directly. It has a very good battery time. It has a battery time of about 16 hours with a single charge.

It is very comfortable with eyewear. The foam compress to give relief. The comfortable memory ear cushion made of foam rests perfectly with your head and gives a very comfortable experience.

It has a 50mm driver who gives a powerful, lifelike audio experience. Windows sonic provides superior positional audio. It comes with a warranty of two years. With a price of less than $150 it is a little expensive but a great thing for the Xbox users.


  • Can directly be connected with Xbox.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Comfortable with eyewear.
  • Fast connection with Xbox
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use surround sound


  • A little too big to carry.
  • Expensive as compared to other similar items
  • Hinges are fragile

Razer Electra V2

Razer Electra V2 are the best budget gaming headset.

Looking at the range of Razer headset reasonable price. Razer Electra V2 is one of the best choices. It delivers a very high-quality audio experience. It includes everything that a low budget headset should have without giving up on the design of the headset. It gives a unique look with its black color and neon light.

It has a very nice reasonable size and fit around the head perfectly. It is a wired headset can be connected with laptop, PC and gaming console. Electra V2 has 40mm audio drivers. It is a very good choice with all essentials and a very reasonable price, and you can get it under $60.


  • Small and portable.
  • Supported by all platforms like PC and console.
  • Black and neon give a very distinct look.


  • Plastic and the material give a little cheap look.
  • Isn’t very comfortable to use.

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