Have you noticed some of the professional gamers out there wearing nice looking glasses with an orange tint and wondered what’s the deal with them? Even if you did, even if you don’t, I have the answer for you: those are specially designed gaming glasses, also known as computer glasses. They can be (and usually are) special glasses for those who don’t need prescription glasses, but instead spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

So no matter if you spend a ton of time playing games or working in front of the computer, you will most likely need or at least benefit from these gaming glasses. And I am here to share with you the best gaming glasses you can buy for the money – as well as a few reasons why you actually need those strange looking, usually orange-tinted specs.

You probably noticed that, after spending many hours in front of the computer, laptop or even your tablet, you start feeling very tired: your eyes feel very tired, they could itch, they might feel dry, you could have the sensation that there’s something in your eyes and so on. You can even develop headaches! It’s all caused by the computer and the fact that you spend so much time staring at that screen.

That’s where the gaming glasses (aka computer glasses) come in to play and help: they are specifically made to actually absorb the blue light that any computer, laptop or tablet screen throws at your eyes, therefore making the whole thing less harmful for the eye. They also have anti-reflective coatings to help your eyes even more, while some also improve the on-screen contrast to make things even better for the health of your eyes. All in all, these gaming glasses are extremely helpful and can help you get rid of the problems caused by spending a ton of time in front of your computer (or at least make them a lot less annoying). And trust me when I say that, when using a great pair of gaming glasses, you will feel the difference as soon as you put them on. It’s incredible!

But with so many pairs of glasses out there, you might be wondering which are the best for you and I am here to share exactly that: the best gaming glasses of 2017 (but I am also sure that they are great for the years to come as well). These have been tested and approved to offer great protection to the tired and dry eyes. But please have in mind that if you need prescription glasses, the pairs recommended below are not for you – you should see an optician instead to help you get prescription glasses with blue light protections.

For everybody else, here are the best gaming glasses you can get for the money. Remember: these glasses are recommended for those who don’t need prescription glasses, but spend a lot of time in front of the computer screens (or laptops screens, or tablet/smartphone displays)!

Gamma Ray Glasses


These are the cheapest glasses on our list, but still good gaming glasses that offer good protection against blue light. Their lenses are amber-tinted, like all the lenses for computer glasses listed here, but not very dark. They do feel a bit cheap, but it doesn’t really matter as long as they get the job done: and they do! You will start feeling the positive effects a couple of hours after putting them on and you’ll soon make it a habit to always wear them when in front of the computer. They also come with 6 magnification strengths, but I would suggest to go for 0 magnification as increased magnification might actually affect your vision in the long run. There are multiple frame designs available if you don’t particularly like the one in the image above.

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Gunnar Optiks Glasses


I won’t hide behind the finger and say that the Gunnar Optiks are by far my favorite. They are probably the best known in the gaming world as many pro gamers wear Gunnar gaming glasses and I am wearing a pair while writing this article. The Gunnars are more expensive than the Gamma Rays but they are absolutely amazing! They fit great, they don’t have the cheap feel as the frames and lenses seem to be of a higher quality and they are incredibly helpful when you wear them. As soon as you put them on, you will feel the difference: I personally found it hard to believe that these glasses actually increase the contrast and everything on screen is easier to see. The tired eyes will get less and less tired the more you wear them, so I would highly recommend the Gunnar gaming glasses to anybody looking for a high quality option. Again, if you don’t like the particular model I have chosen, there are more available for purchase.

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T’aime Semi-Rimless Gaming Glasses


These gaming glasses are made in Germany and are really good, even though some might consider them a bit too orange for their liking. Have in mind that all gaming glasses have the orange/amber tint that blocks the blue light and improves contrast, but also adds an orange tint to your screen, so the stronger the color, the more orange everything will look like. Although it’s not something that I consider upsetting (nor most of the people wearing these glasses), it’s something to take into account. So if you really don’t mind to get the strongest orange tint on the list, these gaming glasses block 97% of the blue light coming your way, as well as 100& of UV radiation, making them one of the best options on the market features-wise.

They come with different types of frames, but for a change I chose their semi-rimless ones. They might seem ready to snap at any point, but they are actually really durable and well built. One thing that I didn’t really like was the fact that the lenses are pretty small and it’s usually best to have lenses as large as possible.

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NoScope Minotaur Gaming Glasses


Another really cheap option for you to try if you don’t want to spend a lot on your pair of computer glasses. There are few reasons to complaint about these glasses: they have large, great lenses, the design is great and there are two color options available. The frames themselves seem to be made of a cheap plastic, but it’s durable and we had no problems with it. The glasses make everything look vivid and crisp and they’re really good for this price, so don’t hesitate to grab a pair if you’re just starting to use gaming glasses and unsure if they actually work (they do!)

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We have four different pairs of gaming glasses to recommend, all of which are really good for their purpose and help out a lot if you’re spending many hours in front of the computer. As I said already, I would personally go with the Gunnars because I somehow loved them the most on our list, but in the end all these glasses offer very high quality lenses, so pick the ones you like the most and enjoy! You will feel the difference as soon as you put them on!