December is just around the corner and we’ll soon welcome 2020. Time flies mercilessly but along with it comes the technological improvement, which in the world of the online casino works in favour of all devoted players. The past years have brought a massive change and development in the sector of online betting and casino gaming and it seems that the trend will maintain, or even increase in the year to come.

What can we expect from 2020 in terms of the online casino offering? Below we listed 5 key, revolutionary iGaming trends to look out for in the coming year.

1. 5G Technology

It’s hard to believe it, but we’ll soon mark 50 years since the very first brick-like phones emerged in people’s every-day lives. And now, we’re facing a 5G revolution that is believed to significantly change the way we use mobile devices. But how will it affect the gaming industry?

First, we might expect the speeds that will truly undermine 4G, mainly due to increased bandwidth. So, think of multiplayer games, blackjack, live poker and all of this executed with high-quality graphics and visuals – now it can finally become a reality. The faster and more engaging casino experience is right ahead of us. Then, let’s add improved connectivity and battery power that requires less power than in cases that we’re used to. Yes, we’re all excited and can’t wait for the change to come. It’s about time to divorce our laptop and mobile phone charges!

2. Virtual Reality

While still focusing on 5G technology, it’s crucial to mention its benefits in regards to Virtual Reality. This exciting development promises to tackle online gambling from a totally new angle. Developers are already testing the power of 5G in VR, and it’s a matter of (short!) time before it is incorporated in live casino in order to deliver the ultimate table gaming experience.

Although this phenomenon is still a novelty, it is progressing as you’re reading this article. In the next few years, we can expect to see an increase both in software developers creating VR games and casinos offering them, so brace yourself and get ready for an immersive virtual reality online casino fun!

3. Blockchain Casinos

Whoever’s already familiar with the cryptocurrency vertical, must already know of the growing popularity of blockchain casinos. The ‘crypto’ term has been buzzing for a while already, however many people still quite don’t understand the technology behind it. This time-stamped series of impossible to edit date records is managed by a network of computers that don’t belong to one, single entity. All data blocks are securely bound to each other using cryptography.

The same technology is used to revolutionise the casino industry and blockchain casinos are the new ‘thing’ on the market. They run on decentralised systems, meaning that casinos can’t access and manipulate data. Players enjoy fair and transparently processed games, where deposits made don’t need any links to one’s personal data or credit card details. This vertical is bound to expand in 2020, so stay put and expect more blockchain casinos to emerge in the online space.

4. Mobile & Social Gambling

Have you ever come across games offered on social media sites? You sure have. We all have. Some of us intentionally, others purely by accident. All these games must have included social features, which means that players interacted with each other by participating in leader boards, social slots or various challenges. The new technology contributes to this trend and equips us with even more socially-engaging casino experience.

Combine great tech, that is mobile devices, with an online ‘human’ power, aka social media, and you’ll end up with a recipe for a fantastic casino game. Gamblers now are able to play on the go, without the need of being stuck to a computer screen, and can engage in casino games wherever they can connect to the Internet. Mobile is king and will continue to be in the upcoming years. Most of the high-quality casinos have dedicated mobile apps and mobile-optimised websites, developers focus on creating mobile-friendly games and casino marketers promote limitless opportunities a gambling enthusiast can find when using their mobile phone. It is expected that by 2020 more than half of the world’s population will have a smartphone – no wonder, then, that the online casino world puts an extra focus on mobile!

5. Smartwatches & iGaming

When you think of a smartwatch, you might probably make an association of two devices connected together, more precisely – a watch and a phone. It’s an extension of the other device that helps one answer a phone, maybe read a text message and check the weather (not to mention the time, as all in all, it’s still a watch). But do we ever think of a smartwatch in connection to online gambling?

Indeed, placing bets via a smartwatch is no longer an imaginative idea but simply the reality. They’re now predicted to reach its global worth of over $33 billion by 2020, with the gambling vertical being a massive part of this phenomenon. Wearable technology continues to take over the tech scene and gaming software developers watchfully analyse the trend, crafting new games that later can be played in all devices. The New Year can introduce us to this possibility so it’s worth thinking whether enjoying casino on a smartwatch is something you’d like to try sometime soon.

Brace Yourself And Welcome The New World Of Online Casino!

The iGaming industry is set to continue its exponential growth into 2020, which seems to be truly promising. The trends we mentioned above are only a few things to expect in the year to come, so get ready for more exciting additions to the online casino sector.

Expect the online casino industry to move towards more engaging and immersive gaming experiences that can deliver something we might have never ever dreamt of. With ever-evolving technology, continuous improvement and raising awareness of customer needs, the future looks bright and we can’t wait to welcome it immediately.