Computer games have developed from a mere entertainment option to a lucrative industry that’s attracting many avid gamers worldwide. While some people continue speculating on the authenticity of video game betting, others are briskly investing in it. Figures don’t lie: computer gaming has been receiving tremendous recognition globally. This explains the industry’s steadily increasing revenue streams since its inception.

Here are 5 Trends in computer game betting you should know about:

1. eSports gaming trend
Electronic sports (eSports) is a relatively new gaming trend that involves competitive computer gaming. Although widely popular worldwide, most people still haven’t heard about eSports. However, if you’re an avid gamer, this term might be slightly familiar. ESports generally supports multi-player games – this brings out the competitive aspect of the game. For instance, you can play Call of Duty or StarCraft and compete with other gamers. These days, people simply organize computer game competitions either in person or online. Viewers can then bet for their favorite teams and earn handsome rewards.

2. VR gambling
Gone are the murky days when gamblers had to visit physical casinos to quench their compulsions – today you can simply grab your computer and head to any convenient VR/AR casino. There are a handful of gambling platforms that provide these services to their clientele. However, it’s still expensive to design and operate Virtual Reality gaming platforms. VR/AR gambling is an interesting trend that is constantly attracting gaming enthusiasts around the globe. The future keeps getting better and better.

3. Reliable computer game betting advice
If you’re new to the enthralling world of computer game betting, you may get slightly disoriented trying to figure out how everything works. However, video game betting bears numerous similarities to conventional gambling. More importantly, there’s an abundance of tips and tricks available online: just look around the internet for detailed explanations and tutorials on the best computer game betting trends. Looking for CS:GO betting tips? Check out to get insightful tips.

4. Huge investments from large corporations
The eSports niche is enjoying immense popularity at the moment, and this has caught the keen eyes of major global corporations that are also looking to cash in on the potential windfall. These firms are noticing the growing demand in computer game betting – more and more people are joining the attractive world of eSports gaming with the aim of making some extra cash. Investments made by Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and other big corporations are in the billions of dollars. Clearly, computer game betting is a colossal affair.

5. Higher future revenue projections
If you’re worried that eSports will crash and burn soon, you will probably be thrilled to learn that global revenues have been steadily increasing from 2015 till now. In 2015, revenues stood at $325M. Profits are expected to reach a record high of $1.5B by 2020, proving that eSports and computer game betting will not collapse anytime soon. This industry keeps on moving from strength to strength.

These emerging trends in computer game betting should encourage you to join the bandwagon and earn some extra revenue by betting smart.