With Oculus Rift and HTC Vive landing earlier this year, we’ve been blessed with a brand new way to play video games. Instead of snoozing in front of the TV as you play the latest “Call of Warfare: Black Duty 12” with a single finger, you would be right inside the action, able to practically feel the bullets and rockets whizzing around your head as you roll from cover to cover and take the enemies down one by one with headshots. BAM! Mission accomplished. Here’s a short list of games that should appear in VR next and what technological advancement we would like to see.

1. Doom
Most of the VR games that appeared up to this point were inspired by first-person shooters, and none have the right to call themselves the originators of the genre more than the original Doom. First released in December 1993, Doom sapped our hours and stomped our productivity the same way its protagonist (Doomguy) crushed alien hordes – with reckless abandon. Incredibly gory and unapologetically violent, Doom set the standard for many games to come and even solidified Windows as a gaming platform. Incidentally, Doom was programmed by John Carmack, the same guy who is behind Oculus Rift so seeing gaming come full circle would be incredibly satisfying.

What we would like to see: The ability to wrestle with demons and tackle them using your body. Though this would probably require the VR technology to become much sturdier, it’d make the whole VR concept an insta-buy for many gamers that are currently on the fence. Besides, broken VR headsets need to be bought again, right?

2. Pokémon
“Girafarig, I choose you! Use Tackle!” The endless Pokémon generations brought us wondrous worlds filled with treasures and mysteries that captivated the minds and hearts of many young gamers. Each Pokémon game can be considered a unique gem, worth playing over and over again; played in VR, they would be supreme cinematic experiences. Now imagine battling, exploring, running through tall grass and solving riddles in VR while you’re hunting for that legendary Pokémon in Kanto. We’re salivating already.

What we would like to see: The ability to ride Pokémon. Normally, Pokémon games handle height poorly, which usually results in a fairly flat gaming world. Those games from the franchise that actually tried expanding the world vertically failed miserably, but imagine being able to ride Girafarig and then telling it to Tackle the opponent as you’re watching the fight from above. Oh yeah baby!

3. Casino
Imagine spending your time in Las Vegas, dazzled by the lights and inebriated by the sounds of the endless bustle. Fortunes are made and lost in a blink of an eye and you can see desperate men betting their last cent away and unassuming elderly women getting millions on jackpot machines. Alternatively, you could immerse yourself into the world of themed slots. Battle your way through to your winnings alongside your favourite Marvel characters or navigate the abyss with the subaquatic great blue slot game – the options are almost limitless.

What we would like to see: The ability to use real money in VR casinos. Of course, this functionality would have to be limited to 18+ only, but the sheer thrill would more than make up for the limitations.

4. StarCraft 2
“We require more Vespene Gas. We req-we-we-we require more Vespene Gas.” Ah, there is nothing quite like the smell of burning Vespene Gas early in the morning. With the smash hit success of StarCraft 2, it would be a shame if Blizzard had no plans to introduce this adrenaline-filled real-time strategy in VR. How feasible is that? Well, let’s just say that we’re more likely to encounter real Protoss and Zerg than play StarCraft 2 in VR, but one can always hope.

What we would like to see: A way to become one of the units in the fray. It’s one thing to command your troops from high above, but being able to claw, stab and shoot your way through the enemy ranks all at once would be unparalleled in the entire VR gaming history. When your guy dies, simply pick another one and keep playing. Now imagine cooperative play when one player builds and the other shoots up the enemy.

5. F1
Which sport involves the smell of burning rubber and (now retired) Michael Schumacher overtaking all the competition by two laps? That’s right, Formula 1. Combining the teamwork of all the little cogs in the machine, F1 shows us what high-octane high-adrenaline racing looks like. Very few people can ever hope to experience that kind of speed in real life; with the help of VR, we all can.

What we would like to see: Being able to play as a part of the pit stop crew. Honestly, driving is fun but there is something Zen in the way a pit stop crew can disassemble and put the vehicle back together in 6.7 seconds flat.

These would be our suggestions. Would you add anything else to the list?