When you ask someone who their favorite sports team is they may say something like Manchester United, LA Lakers or the Cincinnati Bengals, but have you ever heard someone say Philadelphia Fusion or San Francisco Shock? If you haven’t then it is because these are teams who compete in eSports, one of the hottest sports on the planet right now and one which is valued at almost a billion dollars. The world of eSports is attracting more and more people each and every month who tune in online or head to events to watch the industry’s best gamers battle it out for huge prizes. If you haven’t gotten involved yet, here is why you should.

Big Money

There is a lot of money being thrown around in this industry by sponsors and by eSports companies which contributes to the massive prize funds which are in place for winners. This isn’t the only money which is floating around however, many canny gamblers are heading to places like Novibet casino and sports book to place bets on the outcome of eSports tournaments and matches. If you get involved then you could be winning big too.

Rising Sport

Many dismiss eSports because it conjures up the idea of kids playing Playstation in their bedrooms but the reality could not be any further from this notion. This is a real sport which attracts hundreds of thousands of people around the world to attend its events and millions around the world who show an interest in the sport. The gamers themselves wholeheartedly dedicate their lives to being the very best at what they do and they play tournaments in huge stadiums which is backed by big corporate money.


This is something of a golden period in eSports which is why so many investors around the world are looking at the sport as an opportunity to invest in some of its teams and its infrastructure. It is only a matter of time before these sports become some of the most watched events on the planet and that is why both companies and private investors are taking such an interest, and you can do the same.

Fun Packed Action

Beyond the money that is in the game and the sheer volume of people who attend events, this is a sport which is packed with fun, fierce competition and great amusement. We watch sports because we want to be entertained and that is exactly what you can count on when you start watching the world of eSports. This industry is very attractive to gamers and young people especially but it is very inclusive and anyone who enjoys watching competitive battles will absolutely love watching an eSports event where the very best in the business pit their wits against one another.

Don’t wait to jump on the bandwagon, get involved and join the millions who love this sport.