Everybody loves playing the lottery. It’s a game of pure chance that can turn somebody into a multimillionaire overnight. It’s an amazingly passive game that people often forget about, and go back to when they need to. That kind of flexibility coupled with the chance to win is what makes it so popular. But the appeal of the lottery isn’t just its simplicity and its massive pay off. It really is one of the more fun ways of gambling. If you’re into playing the lottery, there is a whole world online for you to explore.  But why play the lottery online? What’s the difference between that and going to the liquor store?

Here are three of the biggest advantages that you have been playing the lottery online.

You Play Globally

When you play the lottery, you have a choice between your local, state, or national drawings. Usually the national ones of the largest payouts. Some have even gone up to half a billion dollars. But what if you weren’t bound to just your state or country’s lottery drawings? There’s always an online ticket service for global lottery jackpots that you can access to your phone. That’s right, with the Internet, you are completely unbound when it comes to where you play. If there’s an international pool, you can get on it. That’s the beauty of online drawings. You are not down by any kind of border. Your money is good everywhere.

More Chances of Winning

Because you have access to so many lottery jackpot, the chances of winning are significantly higher. You can play the spread. Imagine being able to play a lottery based in Indonesia. Imagine being able to put money everywhere in the world at the exact same time. That’s an amazing ability. If you can do that, and play the odds right, who knows? You might win big. Even even if you don’t, accumulating prizes is the whole fun of it. $10 here, $300 there, it’s all about getting on top.

Better Control of Finances

Because you’re dealing with the Internet, you have a much better view of the finances that you put in. Most websites and applications have a bankroll on the top corner. It’s like having your own personal accountant lay out all your financial bets in front of you. You know exactly how much you are up by. You also know your activity throughout the week. Online lotteries are so much more manageable than loose pieces of paper and a wallet that you stuffed in there at two in the morning. Also, you instantly know if you won. There’s no having to go to the gas station to figure out if you got the right numbers. They’ll email you.

Simplicity, increased chances, and better management of finances are all reasons to start playing the lottery online. If you are of age, and you like a little bit of a chance in your life, why not start playing today? There’s no pressure to start or stop. It’s as easy as pressing icons on a touchscreen. Why not have a little bit of fun?