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In the early days of slot machines, the payout used to be cigars and drinks. Sittman and Pitt from New York invented the machine in 1891 that had five drums, each holding a total of 50 poker card faces. Since gaining popularity among the bar and restaurant crowd of New York, it was modified and introduced as a modern-day slot machine capable of making an automatic payout.

In 2020, the online slot machine game is advanced enough to make its way to every part of the world. Only if gambling was legal in every part of the world, we would have people winning online jackpots every week. Slot machines are licensed in places like the United States, England, Russia, Japan, Australia, and a few more countries. However, gambling rules may be regulated by the government.

Where is the Slot Machine Industry Headed in 2020?

Slot machines are manufactured and marketed by the world’s largest gaming companies. Smaller family-run firms are being bought by major gaming corporations. A few years ago, Scientific Gaming Corp acquired Bally Technologies in a transaction valued at $5.1 Billion. Global Cash Access Holdings Inc was also involved in a similar acquisition.

The Next Big Thing in the Slot Machine Industry – Virtual Reality


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The growth of gambling websites has been increasing in recent years. With rising competition, gambling companies are looking to make use of the latest technology. After entering the movie theater and gaming market, Virtual Reality is making its way in gambling, namely, the slot machine industry. You can now get a more immersive slot machine experience from the comfort of your home.

What is Virtual Reality (VR)? And Will It Replace Traditional Slot Machines?

Conceptually speaking, Virtual Reality (VR) makes you experience a world that does not exist. By putting on a wearable device such as googles, you can slip into a whole new world. It is now possible to enter into a computer simulation and manipulate objects with your touch, feelings, and sounds. Along with a 3D viewing experience, you can feel the vibrations and other physical sensations in real-time.

Virtual Reality (VR) has the potential to somewhat replace the traditional slot machine. If someone doesn’t wish to spend time in an actual casino, bar, or restaurant and craves the same gambling experience from the comfort of their home, they will be able to do so at the click of a button. They can experience the same level of excitement and thrill they feel in an actual casino. However, traditional slot machines are always going to be the preferred way to gamble.

How Does it Feel to Play a VR Slot?

Virtual Reality Slot Machines (also popularized as VR Slots) can be accessed via a website or a smartphone app. Companies like SlotsMillion have been experimenting with the beta version of VR Slot for the past three years.

With the rapid advancement of the hardware and software technology, it is now possible to play a full-fledged VR Slot on your personal computer or smartphone.

With a VR Slot game, you can expect to be led into an immersive environment with other people included in your conquest to win money. Conversing, laughing, and celebrating your triumphs with the casino staff and others in the virtual world is life-like. Furthermore, you also get to walk around, inspect, and enjoy a high-end casino ambiance.


In most countries, Virtual Reality Slot Machines are still in the preliminary phase. Although their popularity is rising in the United States and Canada. If gambling is legal in your country and you have a VR-compatible smartphone, you can download the VR Slot app right from the relevant app store.