Find the finest list of Sims 4 kids cc in one place with us!!

We’ve covered everything in this exhaustive Sims 4 kids cc collection, including kids’ clothes, shoes, haircuts, and accessories.

Children play an important part in the world of Sims 4 for many of us simmers.

We’ve included all of the greatest Sims 4 kids cc in this post, including child outfits, child hair cc, and kids’ shoes. Everything you need to make a whole kids’ cc folder!

We’ve divided them into their categories, so scroll down if you’re searching for something specific.

We attempted to include an equal number of kids cc for girls and boys on the list; nevertheless, there is always more cc for females!!

Best Sims 4 Kids Clothes CC

Find your new favorite kid’s outfits below.

We’ve included a mix of everything basic game suitable in this section, including dresses, sportswear, swimwear, and casual kids’ apparel.

CC Camo Outfit By Madlen


We decided to start with one of our favorite Sims 4 Kids CC items, Madlen’s hip camo suit.

  • While the crop top remains the same, the trousers now include 8 camo swatches.
  • Pair them with Madlen’s Converse-inspired sneakers to complete this casual yet contemporary look (link further down).

Kid’s Baggy Sweater

Miss Ruby Bird created this beautiful baggy jumper combo.

  • You have six unique swatches to select from, including a fun boat scenario, an air balloon, a dinosaur, and more.

Sims 4 Callum Hoodie CC Simiracle

This sweatshirt with a built-in jacket is ideal for your sims to wear to school on a chilly autumn day.

  • With 20 swatches available, you can create various styles for your child’s outfit.

Sims 4 Kids Varsity Sweater

This unisex varsity jumper is a nice preppy cardigan.

  • There are 45 swatches to pick from.
  • You can select a design that suits your gaming, whether you want to choose an outfit for school or just as an everyday jumper!

Children Remi CC Outfit By Clumsyalienn

We always like a fully customized outfit. This unisex pants and jumper set is ideal for everyday wear.

  • There are 28 swatches in all, with many featuring solid-color sweaters and a few decal sweater variations.
  • A sunflower, a Super Girl phrase, a giant brain, a polar bear, and dinosaur, and a few more are among the decals.

Sims 4 Kids Animal Hoodie CC By Georgioglm

We believe that every child will love wearing an animal sweatshirt at some point in their lives!!

  • This jumper has floppy ears on the hood and an animal decal on the front.
  • You can select a fox, wolf, owl, rabbit, or bear.
  • These can be found in the T-Shirts section.

Sims 4 High Kids Waisted Jeans CC By Georgioglm

If you don’t have the City Living expansion pack, these high-waisted jeans for youngsters are an excellent addition to your cc folder.

  • These jeans are available in 9 colors and may be found in the tights department.
  • Use them as trousers or put them underneath another piece of children’s clothes.

Sims 4 P.E Clothes By MadameRiaSims

Do you have a group of sporty youngsters that require new P.E. clothing?

  • This athletic outfit includes T-shirts and shorts.
  • Mascots or a planer version without a mascot are available for the t-shirt.
  • You can get the shorts in six colors, each with or without a P.E. label.

Sims 4 Kids Thalia Dress CC By Powluna

This Thalia dress is quite modest, making it ideal for the holiday season or a garden party.

  • The lace design on the top back is appealing to me.
  • Choosing a favorite swatch for this dress is difficult because it comes in 18 colors.

Sims 4 CC Outfit By Powluna

Powluna’s preppy jumper and pleated skirt pair are the ideal school attire.

  • You receive 16 color samples; some are solids, and others are plaids.
  • If you like the combination of a yellow jumper and a yellow-black checkered skirt, it will remind you of the original Cher Clueless costume, but in a kid’s form.

Sims 4 Anika Outfit By Madlen

Who doesn’t adore a pair of cuffed denim paired with a ruffled jumper?

  • The jumper in this Madlen ensemble is available in 8 colors.
  • Combine this with your favorite sandals for the ideal early fall outfit.

Kid’s Crown Jacket CC By Soolani

This color block jacket is a fun addition to any child’s Sims wardrobe.

  • You’ll surely wear this jacket throughout the fall outdoor gameplay, available in ten colors.

Sims 4 Valeria Outfit CC By Powluna

Powluna has created yet another fantastic girls’ dress.

  • You’ll receive 25 samples, some with a striped top like the one shown and others with solid alternatives.
  • There are also some interesting top and skirt color combinations, such as the light purple top and green skirt combo.

Sims 4 Kids Moto Jacket

With this Mosch Moto Jackey, you can amp up the edge of any ensemble.

  • It’s a well-fitted leather jacket with some beautiful zipper features.
  • There are ten different color variations available.

Sims 4 Kids Season Pea Coat

As a fan of all things plaid, this kid’s double-breasted jacket was the first thing most people added to their cc folder.

  • You will surely love the color swatches offered in this coat.
  • Ours is the red, yellow, and blue kid’s jacket with white and black embellishments.

Sims 4 Namika CC By Powerluna

PowLuna’s casual outfit is available in 34 colors.

  • You can choose to complete solid colors or checkered trousers in various exciting colors.

Sims 4 Girls Jeans Collection

You will receive four pieces of personalized content jeans, each in its length.

  • There are denim shorts, calf-length jeans, ankle-length trousers, and full-length trousers.
  • Each pair of jeans is available in 17 distinct swatches.

Sims 4 Berta Kids Jacket

Madlen created this gorgeous fall coat and scarf with bespoke content.

  • Get into the autumn spirit by dressing your sims in this stylish Berta jacket.
  • Choose your favorite color scheme from the eight swatches; most people love the pink jacket set.

Sims 4 Girls Liana Dress

Another lovely summer dress with a ruffled bottom.

  • The fuchsia top with the black bottom is great, but you still have 24 color combinations.

Sims 4 Rebel Outfit

This outfit is available in 8 colors and is in the Full Body – Overalls category.

  • The checkered trousers come in four costumes, but the belt and top are interchangeable.
  • There are also two solid pant alternatives and two swatches with variable color pant legs.

Sims 4 Flynn Kids

This is one of the favorite Sims 4 kids’ clothing items.

  • You will love it when you can get a great outfit.
  • Simply add some shoes to finish the appearance.


We hope you found this collection of Sims 4 Kids CC useful! Do you have any recommendations for additions to this list?