Customization is the highlight of Sims 4. From personalizing the way your Sims look to regulating your Sims’ personality, there’s so much you can do.

Since clothes make a huge part of the whole customization process for a Sims 4 character, it isn’t surprising that many mods are available for that. Choosing the right clothes can boost your Sim’s confidence and augment their overall personality.

After much research, we have narrowed the list of the top 20 Sims 4 CC Clothes Packs you should try in 2023.

Benefits of Using Sims 4 CC Clothes

Do you even want your Sims 4 character to look bland, generic, and boring? If not, that’s where these CC Clothes come into play.

With the variety available online, it isn’t surprising that you have complete autonomy to choose what’s best for your Sims character. You can pick clothes mods that look more captivating or choose the ones that scream comfort yet are trendy.

Not just that, having access to the Sims 4 CC Clothes also offers various customization options which aren’t typically available.

Using these clothing choices also gives you a diverse range of options. For example, if you are bored with the staple jeans and T-shirt, you can always switch things up with something else, like a dress.

The Top 20 Sims 4 CC Clothes

Now that you are more familiar with the benefits of Sims 4 CC Clothes mods, let us familiarize you with the top 20 options worth exploring.

1. December 2022 Collection

Although this is a 2022 collection, this entire set is worth the time. This is it if you want a blend of comfort with a chic appearance. Astya96 designs the collection and features five different clothing options for the female Sims 4 characters.

You have a mix of jea, tops, a skirt, and a top. Most of the tops in this collection feature a “corset-style” design, adding a regal look to Sim’s personality.

Download here –

2. City Adventurer Sims 4 CC Pack

Designed by Serenity, this CC pack is perfect for the Gen-Z Sims 4 characters. The attires are gender-neutral and scream comfort.

It consists of 14 casual attire choices that you can switch between. Most of these include flowy checkered shirts with shorts or loose-fitted jeans. The color palate of this collection is relatively muted with pastel hues.

Download here –

3. Burning Inside Summer Jumpsuit

This is a perfect choice if you are a big fan of jumpsuits or bodysuits. The collection consists of body-con jumpsuits in 18 different colors.

Designed by Pinkzombiecupcakes, this mod is consistently evolving, so your choices will get even better.

Download here –

4. Crochet Collection with Noir Angelz

This one is a personal preference. If you are a crochet fan and want to let your Sims 4 character wear something fun, cute, and quirky, we recommend you check this out.

The collection is designed by blue-rose Sims and consists of cute and intricately designed clothing pieces. You can access two-piece sets, skirts, and even pants and coats.

Download here –

5. Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack for Male Sims

This mod is perfect if you are dressing up your Male Sims character and want a few staple pieces in the wardrobe.

Male Sims are often overlooked when it comes to attire and customization. If you don’t want to do that, this collection b Dyoreos is an excellent option.

Download here –

6. Ripped Skinny Jeans

You can always add staple items to your Sims 4 wardrobe. One option that stands out in that regard is the Ripped Skinny Jeans. These mods are stylish and trendy at the same time.

Designed by Sims2FanBG, these jeans are comfortable yet chic. Although they are strictly designed for the female Sims, you can switch things up if needed.

Download here –

7. Mirimalist Collection

An exclusive collection between Bergdorfverse and Mirimalist, you can’t miss out on this. The entire collection screams “Kardashian Jenner” vibes.

The collection has four staple items, including the Concrete Midi Dress, the Viva Jacket and Pants, and the Viva Dress.

Download here –

8. Sims 4 Date Night CC Pack

You can’t let your Sims lead a boring life without love, right? To spice things up, providing your Sims access to proper date night clothes is thus crucial.

Created by Trillyke + JolieBean + Oakiyo, this mod consists of 27 clothing items for male and female Sims they can wear on a date night with their partners.

Download here –

9. Athletic Sweatshirt

While it’s great to dress up occasionally, your Sims character needs comfort too. That’s precisely where this mod comes in.

Designed by Sims2fanbg, the collection consists of different sweatshirts in varying colors. The athletic Adidas sweatshirt is a must-try in the collection.

Download here –

10. HyunA I’m Not Cool Outfits

This entire collection is out of the box. Although it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, we can’t deny that the collection looks stunning.

It is designed by New_en092, and the attires are inspired by clothing that K-pop idols wear. If you know Hyuna, the clothes are inspired by her sense of style.

Download here –

11. Solistice Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack

Another popular clothes mod for Sims 4 characters worth trying is the Solistice Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack by greenllamas. The collection consists of 10 items, 5 for female Sims and 5 for males.

The attires are trendy, enticing, and quite vibrant too. Choosing and picking one to wear can quickly become challenging when everything looks so premium.

Download here –

12. Boho Dress

If you are a huge fan of feminine dresses, the Boho Dress collection is worth considering. However, the design is a staple with the off-shoulder look, and the variety of colors makes the collection quite enticing.

The details put into each of the dresses are great too. It’s no doubt such a loved attire in the community.

Download here –

13. VISION Outfit Set

Another edgy and chic CC Clothes mod for your Sims 4 character worth exploring is the VISION Outfit Set. It is designed by Rona Sims and has a chic look to the whole outfit.

The combination of glam shorts with a two-piece top and jacket combo looks brilliant on your Sims character. It is available in 10 different color variants.

Download here –

14. Sims 4 Maxis Match Clothing Set

If comfort, casual and boxy fit is your calling, this clothing set by Mary Sims will soon become your go-to. Combining loose-fitted tops with mom-style or boyfriend-style jeans adds a casual look.

The entire collection includes pants, jeans, a sweater, and a shirt. Also, each item is available in plenty of different swatches.

Download here –

15. Bailo Dress

Cowgirl aesthetic isn’t everyone’s choice. But, if you are one of the few that likes to wear a short, flared dress with a corset on the abdomen, this is it.

The collection features a cool-looking dress in different swatches and a corset to tighten around the abdomen.

Download here –

16. Rise, Rebel, Resist Collection

This collection is for all the grunge aesthetic girlies who live in everything black and metal. Designed by EvellSims, the collection consists of dresses, tops, and pants in all-black with a metal finish.

The diverse collection consists of 20 swatches for choosing your best pick. It is ideal for teens to younger adult females.

Download here –

17. Sims 4 Teen CC Pack

If you are playing Sims 4, you must also dress a few teen characters. Since their taste and liking is often different than adults, having access to a collection meant for them is always an excellent option to explore.

Luumiasims design this CC pack and have something for every kind of teen. The styles covered in the collection are the athlete, it girl, and the punk kid.

Download here –

18. Button Up T-Shirt with Top

Another simple yet formal CC clothing mod worth exploring is the Button Up T-Shirt with a Top. This is ideal for those female Sims characters that aren’t into glam and feminine dress-up.

The casual look with the button-up and the T-shirt looks quite riveting, making this an ideal option to explore while you are at it.

Download here –

19. Love Feelings Collection

Designed by Backtrack, the Love Feelings Collection is one of the most popular and unique occasion clothing collections we’d recommend having access to. The collection was released in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

The entire collection includes some signature pieces, including the Puff Sleeves Button Polkadot Dress, the Cherry Sweater with Skirt, the Mellow High Heel Pumps, and the Love Gem Necklace.

Download here –

20. Sims 4 Flower Market CC Pack

Last on the list is the Sims 4 Flower Market CC Pack. The collection is designed by nuagelle and is pleasant, comfortable, and screams summer and spring vibes.

Despite being simple, all of these clothes are trendy. Also, they are available in different color swatches, making mixing and matching the clothes more accessible.

Download here –


The Sims 4 Content Community is expanding and thriving in 2023. We hope this answers all your doubts if you are looking for fun, trendy, and wearable clothing mods. From elegant formalwear to casual streetwear, we have sorted out all the top options here.